Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandu and Kunal’s me time

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vandu scolding Sonia and Mrunal. Kunal says Sonia, you remember, you had been a victim of eve teasing many years ago, even then you did this disgusting thing with Vandu. Vandu asks Mrunal what wrong did I do, I have raised you, you did this with me. Kunal says I never thought of cheating you, I decided to marry for Tara’s sake, what’s the problem, Vandu saves Tara’s life, you will not get forgiveness, but punishment, we have the proof, we got the details from cyber cell, Vandana you decide what to do with them. Sonia and Mrunal worry. Vandu says I want you to promise me, you won’t do this thing again with anyone else, I can file an official complaint, you will get a criminal stamp for life, I will not file a complaint, thinking about Tara, I don’t want to get raised with this trauma that her mum is a criminal. She asks Mrunal to reform. She warns them.

Kunal says you guys are so lucky, Vandana has forgiven you, if you do this again, then I will not leave anyone. Inder comes and asks what’ going on here. Kunal says take the details from Sonia, don’t dare to interfere in Vandu and my life, Vandu is my would be wife, Mrs. Vandana Karmarkar Malhotra, if anyone tries to harm her, then you can’t even pay for the loss. He holds Vandu’s hand and takes her. Sonia cries. Mrunal leaves. Inder says enough of this drama, I have decided, we will shift to Dubai, pack your bags. He doesn’t let Sonia say anything.

Kunal says Vandana, that eve teasers are arrested, your pics will be removed from the internet. She thanks him. He asks can I ask you something, don’t mind, what did you see in Vaibhav that you married him, you really felt he loves you. Vandu says I never thought for myself, but just for family, I got much love from dad and Atya, but still I felt alone, if anyone cares for you and praises you, if he is interested in you, you feel good, he used to call me and show concern, he used to say I look beautiful, its story of every middle class girl, we never get attention, when we get it, we make it big, we feel we are special for someone, we forget we were always special, same thing happened with me, he became my dream prince, I don’t know he loved me or not, but I have loved him a lot, it was my illusion. He says yes, love is mostly an illusion, this happened with me also, I loved Sonia more than my life, she also loved me, I felt so, she was always there for me, then I got to know the truth, I saw the illusion, pain, lie, I remember when I got to know that she is cheating me, I started cursing myself, hating myself, its my mistake, I made her meet Inder, I helped Inder in business, Inder cheated me and dad, dad got much loss, its all because of me, dad had many hopes from me, he asked me not to marry Sonia, I went against him and got married, when she left me and went to Inder, I realized dad was right, I was wrong, we love with passion, we have one problem. She says we curse ourselves, its not right, we were right, they did wrong. He says we are not perfect but our intention is clean. She says we can handle things, when we see their true face, we feel… He says is this the person I loved, Sonia wasn’t a bad person, her thinking got spoiled after she met Inder. She says she is hurting her relations. He says its her life, she can do anything she wants, God bless her. The man wishes them merry Christmas. Kunal buys some light hair ties. He asks Vandu to wear it. She smiles and wears it. He says we have another problem. She says we carry other’s pain and forget to smile. He says we should smile when we get a chance. She asks him to try. He smiles. She says even the universe wants this. Jeena hai…plays…

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Kunal says I proposed you for marriage, you said yes, but we didn’t talk about marriage. She says yes, I know, I want to become Tara’s mum, I can do anything for it. He asks did you think, we have nothing common between us except Tara, if we have decided to marry then… lets become friends before marriage. She says we are unique. He says it will be helpful for us and Tara. They shake hands and introduce each other as friends. They laugh.

They come home. Bobby hugs Kunal. Pammi says I m sorry, forgive me. Guneet says there is a big surprise for you both. Tara says yes, come with me. They see something…

Kuldeep asks Kunal to come to London for a few days. Kunal says I will come. He says I feel good to stay here because of you, just 6 months, then we will unite. He leaves.