Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandana sees Vaibhav’s support

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vijay recalling Sumitra’s words. He talks to her and cries. Aaji comes and consoles him. He says this happens always, Vandu always gets punished because of the family, she doesn’t say anything, Hemant has lost his way, I regret, I can’t sell the house, I can’t tell them the reason. He curses himself. Vandu hears this and cries. She runs to her room. She imagines Vijay dead and screams. She says what are you thinking, you have to understand him and support him, you have to become his strength. She calms down and sends an audio message to Vaibhav. She says I have to talk to you, you can get angry, but who shall I tell these problems. Kunal and Bobby are at a café. Kunal asks him to fix a meeting with the investors. He sees Vaibhav and murmurs. He sees some other girl. Vaibhav ignores Vandu’s calls. Kunal recalls Vandana’s words. Bobby turns and sees Vaibhav with some girl. Kunal says he was Vandana’s fiancé. Bobby says yes. Kunal says that girl wasn’t Vandana. Bobby says she might be a friend, not a big deal. Kunal says no, Vandana should know about this, I will always wish that even my enemy doesn’t get cheated in love. Bobby asks will you tell Vandana about this.

Vandana says he isn’t in his office, where did he go. Vaibhav comes to his office. He gets Vandu’s message… I m waiting for you outside the office. He makes an excuse and sends the girl. He goes to Vandu. She says I need to talk to you, everything is shattering, I need your support, else I will fall alone. Bobby says Kunal worries for Vandana, not bad, good sign. Kunal thinks to focus on his life. Vaibhav asks what, Hemant has run away, you want to talk to that goon Bhavesh, you want me to support you. Vandana says I will ask him for some time to arrange money. He says you want me to pay the money. She says no, I came to ask your support and love, I will give my marriage savings to Bhavesh. Vaibhav says its our investment. She says its about my entire family, I have to support them. He says don’t lecture, they should understand its their fault, not yours, how much will you do for them, sell the bungalow, this will solve all the problems, convince your dad to sell the house. She says I need time to understand, dad has no option to sell the house, its his house, children have no right to ask for property, I m doing this for them by my wish. He says all the responsibility can’t be yours, you are a daughter. She says yes, its fine to look after Sasural, its wrong to look after own family, I don’t believe this rule. He says none of us will ever change, I can’t carry this baggage and move on.

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She says you should support me. She cries. He says don’t emotionally blackmail me. She says I have always stood by you and helped you, I need your support. He says lunch time is over, I m going. He goes. Kunal asks the men to refurbish the place. Vandana comes. Kunal looks on and calls her out. She says sorry, if there is any other problem. He says no, not at all, I have to tell you something. She says say it straight. Bobby looks on. Kunal asks since when do you know Vinayak, your fiancé. She says Vaibhav, I know him very well. He asks are you sure about him. She asks what do you mean, say it clearly. He says I saw Vaibhav with some other girl at the cafe, the way he was treating her, you should have been with him.

Vandana goes to get a job. The man misbehaves with her. Vandana cries and leaves. Kunal and Bobby come there.