Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kunal saying you are stealing water from our house connection. Pammi says we had to brush by mineral water. Vandana says sorry. Aaji says thank us for giving you a chance to do good. Pammi argues. Vandana says sorry, I know you have faced a problem, we have a big family and we needed water, the penthouse was vacant, so… Pammi says so you have stolen the water. Vandu argues with Kunal. He asks how will you pay for it. Vandu says we have maintained your house all these years, I m sorry for my mistake. Pammi says check if the electricity is also stolen. Bobby asks her to relax. Vandana says I told Subhash to divert your water line to your house, when you came here to use washroom, I don’t know why water isn’t coming. Kunal says tell me if you have stolen anything else. Vandana says you might also need to do such a thing when you get helpless, anyone can get helpless, be it a rich or poor person. Mrunal signs sorry to Bobby. Bobby smiles. Pammi looks on. Kunal asks Subhash to check the water line. Pammi says its good I came here to stay, just ladies can handle the house, I will go and make arrangements for Janmashtami.

Vandu and Aaji come inside the house. Anagha comes running and crying. She says Hemant has packed his bags and ran away. Vandu says no. Anagha plays his audio message. They are shocked. Vijay gets angry and scolds Hemant. He says shame on me, he just thought for himself than the family, I have lost. Aaji hugs him. Anagha says Hemant was weak in intentions, he is a coward. She faints. Vandana worries. Kunal makes a pancake. Pammi says I will make food, you focus on the company, investors are getting back, we will lose it all. Vandana takes care of Anagha.

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Anagha says Hemant should have been here for me, he doesn’t care for Shivam and me, I did a lot for this family. Mrunal argues. Anagha cries. She says Hemant has run away because of you. Vijay cries. Aaji says don’t drag Vijay in this, calm down. Anagha says I can’t calm down, dad should have sold the house, this would have not happened. Pammi comes there to hear them. Anagha says Vandu always treated me like a friend, I have done everything happily, but now I m tired, its enough. Vandana says no, don’t think so. Anagha says enough, I have to think for Shivam and my life, I want to leave the house. Mrunal says you are never wrong, you can’t decide. Anagha says I have a right to decide for myself.

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