Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandu slaps Mrunal

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Anagha and Hemant saying we are with Vandu’s decision. Vijay refuses and goes. Guneet says marriage will happen with Vijay’s permission. Hemant says I will talk to them. Guneet and everyone leave. Sonia and Inder are on the way. He drives rashly. He gets angry and recalls her words. She says I got stress about Tara’s custody that day, don’t get angry, I feel scared, stop the car. He stops the car. He says I gave you many years, I kept Tara with me because of you, Kunal was my friend, I cheated him because of you, you are saying you can’t forget Kunal, 7 years, I have invested a lot in you, you are just mine, if you think of someone else, then you don’t know what I can do, promise me, you will forget Kunal forever. Sonia nods and cries. She says Kunal, I have no option than to forget you.

Vandu sees Vijay and cries. Atya consoles her. Vandu says I m worried for dad, he didn’t take tea or breakfast. Atya says he is upset, give him some time, he will understand. Vandu says I want to keep my decision, its right, I don’t want to upset dad. Atya says he will be happy when he sees you happy, Tara is a lovely kid, don’t worry, everything will be fine. She hugs Vandu. Mrunal asks how did you change your stand. Hemant says I don’t care for Vaibhav, I m Vijay’s son, I can fight with him, but Vaibhav tried to harm him, I will never forgive him. Anagha worries and thinks I got saved, my name didn’t come. Mrunal says I m sure he didn’t try to kill dad but scare him, he is doing all this for the house. He asks will he attack dad for this, are you mad, if Vandu marries Kunal, he will give us house papers, we can sell it, Vandu will have a lavish life, she won’t ask for her share, it will be ours, forget Vaibhav, because he tried to attack dad, I won’t support him. Mrunal asks won’t you help me in getting him out of jail. He says no way, forget him. She says don’t tell me what to do, see what I do. She goes. He says she has gone mad.

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Mrunal collides with Vandu and argues. She asks Vandu to get Vaibhav released. Vandu says no, you can go to jail if you want, he tried to kill dad. Mrunal says you are jealous of us. Vandu asks her to think of dad. Mrunal says to hell with you all, I just want my Vaibhav. Vandu slaps her. She scolds Mrunal. She says enough, I can’t tolerate you here, get out of this house. She drags Mrunal out. Mrunal asks everyone to see what’s happening. She does a drama. Pammi comes there. Mrunal says Vandu wants to trap Kunal and marry him, she has separated me and Vaibhav, she wants to get this house. Pammi asks what, is she doing this for house. Mrunal says yes. Pammi says don’t know if she knows black magic. Mrunal says she is greedy for money, I won’t sit quiet, I will not let her marriage with Kunal, its my promise.

Pammi says I wish this turns true. Vandu lights the diyas. She talks to Tara and Shivam. Vandu sees Vijay sad. She prays and sings an aarti. Mrunal meets Sonia. Sonia says I will bail out Vaibhav. Mrunal says I m going to give you a breaking news, you will be shocked to hear that. Kunal sends voice note to Vandu. He asks her to handle the clients in the meeting tomorrow. He asks are Tara and you fine. She says I will reply, all good. Tara says no, send a voice message to him. Vandu replies to him. She asks him to take care.

Tara says say I miss you. She says I love you dad, come back soon. Vandu asks why did you send that. Tara says you miss him, right. Vandu says I will delete, Kunal has heard the voice note, no use to delete it. Tara smiles.

Mrunal says Kunal and Vandu have decided to marry. Sonia threatens Vandu. Vandu twists her hand and scolds her.