Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vaibhav argues with Vandana

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kunal and Vandana walking on the road sadly. She puts some money in charity box. He waits for his cab. He sees Vandana. The cab driver calls him to the other side of the road. Kunal comes to the cab. The driver says cancel the cab, that location has much traffic. He goes. Kunal gets angry. Vandana smiles. She sees electric bike and says this is good. She takes it. She goes to help Kunal. They argue. She says I have booked the electric bike, wear the helmet. They leave. They argue again. They come home. She says whoever will need it will see its location on app and pick it. He says this location name is Malhotra house. She says it will always be Vandana Nivaas.

Its morning, Kunal runs on the beach. He recalls Kuldeep’s words. Vandana thinks of Hemant’s words. Kunal misses Vedika. Aaji asks what’s in this envelope. Vandana says I had gone for recording yesterday. Anagha asks cash? Vandana says I sang in chorus, I have to do this to handle expenses, I have no option, the deadline is of one month.

Kunal asks where is Vedika, just tell me she is fine. Kuldeep says I know you love Vedika, if you don’t find that voice in one month, then nothing will be fine. Kunal says why am I not getting a good feeling, dad didn’t make me talk to Vedika, its Rakhi today. Kuldeep says I don’t want to shake his focus, he will know it. Bobby comes. Kunal jokes. He asks did you find new candidates for company. Bobby says yes, sent. Kunal says good. Bobby smiles. Kunal says call that guard, I have to get some photocopy. Bobby says he took an off today. Kunal says this guy is epic, he is always on leave. Bobby says calm down, its his festival, fishermen have big puja today, lets go there, we will make many videos and have fun. Kunal says not interested. Bobby says who knows you will find that voice there. Kunal agrees. Vandana comes to meet Vaibhav. She says I can’t marry soon, I have to pay Hemant’s loan, else I will lose this house. He gets angry. She explains him.

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He asks why to delay our marriage, you were after me for marriage, now I want to marry, you are asking me to postpone it. She asks what shall I do. He says you will turn 50 years while paying this loan. She cries. He says don’t push love so much, I don’t want to wait for you forever. She recalls her family. Vijay says I can’t see Vandana crying, we can’t give her a reason for smile. Vandana and Vaibhav argue. She says I have to save this house, else my family will come on road. He says you are getting selfish. She says I have waited for you all these years, I m asking for 2 months, you call me selfish. He says I didn’t ask for 5 years for myself. She cries. Vaibhav leaves. Kunal comes to the balcony and looks on. She sees him.

Vandana is also at the fishermen’s event. Kunal sees her. The goons attack Vandana’s house. Vedika gets hit. Kunal comes home and is shocked. He screams.