Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vijay and Pammi oppose the marriage

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Tara coming to everyone. She dances. She says I m very happy, Kunal is marrying Vandu Mimi. Everyone is surprised. Tara says I have prayed for them, they will always stay with me now. Pammi says you are saying nonsense. Tara says no, I m telling the truth. Pammi asks what, he is marrying Vandu. Vandu says I want to talk to you. Tara comes and hugs Vandu. She says thanks, you are ready to marry my dad and become my mumma, I will call you mumma from now. Vandu sees her family. Vijay gets angry. She asks Tara to go home. Tara says bye, love you mumma. She goes. Vijay asks Vandu what’s this.

Vandu says I have decided to marry Kunal. Vedika says why didn’t Kunal tell us. Pammi says you all get quiet, remember, Kuldeep hates Vandana. Vedika says if Kunal and Vandana are ready, then who are we to stop them, we are happy with this decision. Pammi says I m unhappy, Kuldeep will be angry. She calls Kunal and says you can’t marry Vandu, Tara has told this to me. Kunal says fine, I had to go for some work, I m going to marry Vandu. Vedika smiles.

Pammi says don’t get stubborn, Vandu isn’t suitable like you, you are regretting marrying Sonia, don’t do this mistake again. Kunal says you think I decided this suddenly, I have thought of this, we decided to marry for Tara’s sake. Guneet asks Pammi to let it be. Pammi asks about Kuldeep. Kunal recalls Kuldeep’s words. Pammi says you didn’t tell him about Sonia and Tara, you decided to marry Vandu, if he knows this then he will never agree for this decision. He says I will talk to him and handle this, you won’t talk to him about this until I come back. She says you are doing wrong. Vedika says I m with you, Kunal. Pammi comes to Vandu’s house and scolds her. Guneet comes and takes away Pammi. He apologizes. Vijay says you want to marry in that family, they hate you.

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Vandu says listen to me once. Anagha asks did you go mad, Kunal can never love you. Hemant says he will make you his daughter’s Nanny. Vandu says you can talk later, I want to talk to dad. Mrunal says you wanted to woo him from day 1, but you couldn’t refuse Vaibhav, you proved Vaibhav and me wrong so that you get a reason to divorce him.

She says you have used Tara to convince Kunal, well played game. Vandu says be quiet, I need to talk to dad. Pammi calls Kuldeep. Vedika stops her. They argue. Vedika says if Vandu and Kunal get married, then they will be happy, I want you to swear, you won’t call dad, please let Kunal handle this. She goes. Pammi says I will do what I have thought. Vandu says I know my truth, sorry, I told yes to marry Kunal, but I had no option, Tara has become my life, I m happy to become Tara’s mum, we are getting married for Tara’s sake. Vijay says I don’t accept this, its your loss, why can’t you see it, you go and refuse to him.

She says I don’t want to become a wife, I can’t love anyone, I just want to become Tara’s mum. He says do it if you have decided it, but remember one thing, if you marry Kunal, then end your ties with me. He pushes her and goes. He says you have to end ties with this family forever. Vandu cries.

Pammi gives money to Vandu and asks her to leave from Kunal’s wife. Vaibhav comes and scolds Vandu. Vandu calls it enough. She twists Vaibhav’s hand and pushes him. She says I won’t get scared.