Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Sonia taunts Vandu

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Anagha and Hemant getting their new car home. Pammi and Rano come out. Pammi asks how did they get a new car. Rano says yes, I thought to inform you. Pammi says they have no sense, we have to do something. Anagha says we will take selfie with the car. She asks Shivam to come. Tara comes and says wow, your new car. She bumps the cycle to the car. Anagha sees the stain and scolds Tara. She asks will your dad buy me a new car. Tara says sorry and cries. Pammi throws the money and scolds Anagha. Anagha asks her to buy some manners. She argues with Pammi and Rano.

Shivam and Tara worry. Pammi insults all of them. Anagha shouts on her. She says Vandu did a favor on you all by marrying Kunal, but he got a Sautan for her. Vandu comes and sees them arguing. She runs to stop them. She asks Anagha what happened. Anagha says Tara has hit the car, I scolded her, Pammi and Rano are insulting us. Rano asks Vandu to say now. Pammi says Vandu scolded Rano for Tara, today Anagha scolded Tara, won’t she say anything. Vandu says I will say it against the wrong. She says Anagha, Tara is a kid. Anagha says it’s a new car, we took it on loan. Vandu says it will get fine, Tara made a mistake, she is crying, will you scold her like that. Kunal comes home and sees Vandu scolding Anagha. Pammi sees Kunal and signs Rano. Pammi creates a scene. Vandu sees Kunal.

Rano says Vijay has scolded us a lot. Pammi says yes, he scolded Sonia a lot, she is talking of leaving the house, I stopped her. Kunal worries. He goes home. He asks Sonia what are you doing. He says you aren’t going anywhere, I know what happened at home, I m really sorry, I will sort it out. Sonia recalls getting Pammi’s call. She says please let me go. He says you aren’t becoming any problem, trust me, Vandu is a sensible girl, you aren’t fine, where will you go, Inder can do anything. She hugs him and says I made a mistake to leave you and go to Inder, I wish I had another chance to make things like before. Vandu looks on. Kunal says just calm down. Sonia says Vandana… sorry, I didn’t know when you came. Vandu says I got your medicines.

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Sonia says please don’t scold Vandana, Vijay was right. Kunal says whoever says anything, you will stay here, Sonia. He goes. Hemant says you shouldn’t argue with them. Anagha says I will go and apologize to them, we are one family now. He hugs her and says its for our benefit. Vandu cheers up Tara. She says we have learnt to ride cycle well. Kunal looks on. Vandu says we have to stay alert, pay attention, okay, we will go and play in the garden. Sonia says give her some time, she needs some time to become normal, much wrong happened with Tara. She asks Tara to play game on mobile. Tara says no, eyes get damaged, I will go and play real games. Kunal says come, I will take you both. Sonia looks on. Tara goes with Kunal and Vandu.

Pammi says don’t do a drama in front of me, you will get out of here one day. She warns Sonia. Vandu smiles seeing Tara playing. She recalls Kunal. She says he dropped us and went, I felt he wanted to tell something. She goes to take a call. Sonia sees Kunal coming and calls Vandu. She asks about Tara. Vandu says she is fine. Sonia says I have kept energy drink in her bag, its time for her medicines, check her bag once. Vandu says I have kept everything, I will check if you say. She asks Tara to be careful. Vandu checks the bag. She shouts Tara. Sonia and Kunal worry.

Sonia lecturing Vandu in anger. Kunal defends Vandu. She thanks him for trusting her. They surprise Tara and wish her happy birthday. They party and dance on Jhumka gira re…