Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kunal requests Vandu

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Someone sneaking inside Vandu’s house. Kunal and Vandu argue. Vedika says I got Tara here. Kunal asks Tara to come to him. He sends Tara with Vedika. Someone enters Vijay’s room. Vandu asks Kunal to keep his ego aside and think of Tara. She says you have no right to blame me, you are making Tara cry, Tara is connected to me, I pity you, your experiences have made your thinking disgusting, you can’t see Tara’s pain, why are you punishing her, she wants your love, are you giving her that love, I have no intentions to connect to you but just give love to Tara, I request you to let me do this. Kunal says don’t do this, I won’t agree, I don’t want any problems for Tara, we are neighbors, that’s it, I can go back to London, you can go somewhere else, we won’t be neighbors, then what will happen, you know what will he go through without you, you can’t take care of her all life, I m her dad, not her enemy, I m doing this for her betterment, I request you, please stay away from her, else my patience might end. He goes. She cries and comes home. She sees some footmarks. She runs to see Vijay. Someone tries to suffocate Vijay with a pillow. Vandu comes. The person runs away. She checks around. Vijay wakes up and says I also felt there was someone, don’t worry. She says we have to stay careful. He says I m fine. Kunal goes to Tara. Vijay sings a lullaby for Vandu. Kunal says strange people, they don’t let me sleep in peace. Vandu and Tara imagine each other.

Kunal hugs Tara and sleeps. Its morning, Kunal gets busy on work calls. He sees Simmi and asks why are you so dressed up, are you making a video with Bobby. Pammi says she is from Canada. Bobby comes and is stunned seeing Simmi. Simmi smiles. Pammi asks Bobby to come. She feeds him food. Mrunal and Vandu argue. Vandu scolds her. Anagha comes. Vijay asks her to get Shivam home. Anagha says get habitual to live without him, Hemant and I are going out for dinner. Mrunal says I m also going out with Vaibhav, its our one month anniversary. Vandu says you should cook for yourself. Simmi asks Kunal can I come along. Pammi says yes, why not, it’s a good thing. Bobby says that’s a great idea, I can chill with you. Pammi says I m trying to unite them, you are getting between them. He says oh, sorry.

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Vandu asks Atya to be careful and take care of Vijay. She gives whistle and pepper spray to Vijay. Atya asks what happened. Vandu says I m saying so that nothing happens. Simmi says I remember the points. She tells Pammi about it. Pammi says I have put Tara’s allergans list, check it and be careful when you feed Tara. Simmi says sure. Vandu prays. Vedika feeds Tara.
Simmi praises Kunal’s looks. Kunal says I have to sell music, not myself. Vandu comes. Simmi says Kunal, you are classy, your PA doesn’t match your standard. Pammi says Simmi would have insulted Simmi by now. Pammi eats the pastry. Tara comes and asks for water. She says pastry has nuts, it causes allergy. Pammi says I don’t get allergy, I have put your allergy list there. Tara goes. Pammi coughs and drinks water. Simmi says she is like desi girl. She jokes on Vandu’s simple look. She asks Vandu to use perfume.

Sonia says Kunal, I m not yours but you are mine. Kunal drinks and shouts Sonia. Vandu says I had mailed Kunal about Tara’s allergies. Simmi feeds peanut butter to Tara. Tara eats it and faints.