Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandu and Kunal’s moment

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sonia asking Vandu do you have a problem with my stay here. She says I will go if you say. Vandu says Kunal took the right decision by getting you here, stay here. The lights come. Sonia thanks her. Kunal says its not easy for you, I know, I left from the mandap, then whatever happened, I m sorry, this wasn’t easy for me, domestic violence angers me the most, when it happens with dear ones, I did what I felt right. Vandu says you did right, this was needed. He smiles.

She asks Sonia to file a police complaint against Inder. Sonia says no. Vandu explains her. Sonia refuses and panics. She says I will go away if you want. Kunal says no, relax, you can do it when you want, we will not force you, calm down. Pammi says Sonia, this is your house, you can stay here as long as you want, you stay in Kunal’s room. She says Sonia is unwell, she will recover soon there, its noise here, she will get disturbed. She asks Vandu to shift to guest room. Vandu says sure.

Sonia says no, I can’t stay there, its not just Kunal’s room, but Vandu’s also. Kunal says no, Bua is right, you will get peace there, stay there. Pammi thinks the matter will begin now. Vandu recalls Kunal’s words. They all sit to dine. Kunal likes the Marathi style. Pammi taunts. Tara supports Kunal. Kunal says thanks Vandu, for teaching good things to Tara. Vandu smiles. Vedika says Vandu had to come home alone, its good, you came on time, you will taste the first rasoi food. Vandu serves the food to Sonia. Sonia says no, I won’t eat, I just want to sit with everyone.

Bobby asks Vandu to serve food to Kunal. Guneet says yes, feed it to Kunal. Bobby takes a video and says love you guys, this scene is superhit. Kunal likes the food. Vedika says I think he likes the food. Vandu smiles. Bobby asks Kunal to praise it from the heart. Vandu says he just knows to scold. Everyone smiles.

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Kunal says its nothing like that. They insist. Pammi thinks Sonia is feeling bad. Vandu asks Kunal to give nek. Kunal asks what nek shall I do, you have given me the most precious nek by agreeing to marry me. They smile. Vandu says even then I want nek. Pammi thinks she is greedy. Guneet says its your right, Vandu, take it. Kunal asks what do you want. Vandu says control your anger a little, please. Kunal agrees. They all smile. Sonia looks on.

Vandu thanks Kunal. Kunal says I also want something, you won’t leave your work and career. Vandu nods. Pammi says yes, she can’t leave the job, she has to repay the loan, her house is mortgaged, she has to work. Kunal says I have decided to return the house papers to her, she doesn’t need to work in my company by compulsion but by wish. Vandu says its enough you said this, I will work by wish, I will take the house papers when I repay the loan, I don’t want to compromise with my self esteem. He says as you say. Sonia cries seeing them.

She says I will go and take rest. Kunal says puran poli is really tasty. Vandu smiles. Shayad yehi hai pyaar….plays… Kunal says I loved it. He goes. Sonia stumbles. He holds her and asks her to be careful. Vandu says I will get haldi milk. Pammi smiles. Kunal says sorry Sonia. Sonia says Inder would have broken my bones if he could. They both fall down on the bed. Vandu comes there and sees them. They get up. Vandu comforts Sonia. Someone is seen recording their video.

The episode ends