Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kunal beats up Inder

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Tara saying Vedika took medicines and slept, I will do your welcome, just guide me. Vandu tells her to do aarti. Tara does the aarti. They smile. Vandu thanks her. She says two people do the grahpravesh together, your dad isn’t here, will you do it with me. Tara says it will be fun. They hold hands and enter the house. Kismat se tu mujhko mili hai….plays… They pray. Tara prays for Kunal and Vandu. She feeds sweets to Vandu and says I love you Maa. Vandu says love you and hugs her. Vandu prays for the family. She makes Tara sleep. Vedika comes and says Sonia is in this condition because of my mistake. Vandu says Bobby told me, don’t worry, Sonia will get fine soon. Vedika thinks wrong was going to happen, I should tell the truth to Vandu and Kunal. She says dad…. Bobby calls Vandu.

He asks did Kunal come home. Vandu says no, what happened, is Sonia fine. He says yes, she is better, Kunal left from here, Sonia is asking for him. Vandu says I will just come. She leaves. Kunal goes to Inder and beats him. Vandu is on the way. Kunal asks how dare you raise hand on Sonia. They fight. Inder laughs and jokes on him. He says you love Sonia, she broke your heart. Kunal says I have a relation with Sonia. Inder says you had a relation, now Sonia has a relation with me, she is with me for 7 years, you love her even now, even she always talks about you, you left your newly wedded bride and came here to fight for her. Kunal says stop nonsense. Inder laughs. He says Sonia is my property, I will beat her and do anything. Kunal says if you touch my Sonia again, I will kill you. Vandu comes and looks on. Kunal scolds Inder.

Inder says I will not leave Sonia, I will lock her if she takes your name. Kunal beats him further. He suffocates Inder. Vandu stops him. She says think of Tara, Sonia needs you, come with me. Kunal says you got saved because of Vandu, I will kill you. They leave. Inder screams.

They come home. Kunal asks why did you come there. She says you were so angry. Mrunal and Vaibhav look on, and smile. Kunal says you don’t need to worry for me, you are just Tara’s mum. Everyone looks on. Vandu says we will go inside. He goes. Atya asks did you guys have a fight. Vandu says no, go and sleep. Vaibhav taunts her.

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Mrunal says its bad luck. Atya asks Vaibhav to stop it. He says sorry. Atya asks Vandu to come. Anagha says don’t worry, Sonia will try to break Kunal and your relation, you won’t leave Sasural. Vaibhav says if Kunal ousts her then, what will she do. She says you worry for yourself. She goes. Kunal scolds Vedika. Vedika says I felt she is acting, so I switched off the phone. He asks why didn’t you tell me. He shouts.

Vandu comes. Kunal says Sonia was my wife, she is Tara’s mum, if anything happened to her, then I would have not forgiven you. Vedika gets dizzy. Vandu holds her and asks her to relax. She asks Vedika to have water. She asks Kunal to stop it. She says Vedika didn’t know about it, look at her condition. She asks Vedika to take a deep breath. Kunal says don’t show rights as my wife. Vandu says I understand, I know, I m Tara’s mum, not your wife, calm down. He says I can’t tolerate if anything happens to Sonia, don’t hide about her phone call again, I m changing and going to hospital, I will be with her tonight, I will go to her whenever she needs me. He goes. Vedika says I didn’t know… Vandu says calm down, take rest.

She takes a milk glass for Kunal. He scolds her. She says its haldi milk, you are hurt, it will give you a relief, have it, Tara will get scared seeing you hurt. Kunal drinks the milk. She says you should file a police complaint against Inder, its imp, don’t take law in your hand. He says yes, I will talk to Sonia, I will go. She says say you will go and come. He dupatta gets stuck in his watch. He removes it. He goes. She smiles seeing Tara.

Vandu says Kunal didn’t return home. She falls down. She recalls Vaibhav and Mrunal’s taunts.