Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kunal takes his revenge on Vandu

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kunal saying go to hell. Everyone requests him not to oust them. He warns them and asks them to leave the house in 4 mins. Pammi claps and says he has made me so happy. Guneet says think of them, where will they go, poor women. She says we don’t care, just see, their ego will break. Anagha scolds Kunal. He asks what nonsense, I don’t understand, just 1 min is left now. Vandu says please return our house, I beg you. Everyone pleads. Pammi says Kunal, don’t melt your heart.

The timer ends. Kunal says time over, game over. Kuldeep is happy. He asks Vedika not to think of going there. Vedika says you don’t know her. Kunal locks the door. Vandu says no. Kunal says I gave you ten mins to pack up and leave, you wasted time in sorry, your bad. Vandu stops him. He shouts leave. She falls down. He says you ruined my dad’s respect, I have turned you homeless, get out. He goes inside the house and sits. Vandu shouts and apologizes.

Pammi asks them to go and sleep on the roads. Vedika cries. Bobby stops Pammi. Anagha and Mrunal scold Vandu. Vandu says please listen to me, don’t vent the anger on my family. Kunal asks Vedika not to worry, Vandu did wrong with dad. Vedika says you are torturing them, its not right. He says don’t get into this, I m handling this. Pammi says yes, she misbehaved with Kuldeep. Vedika says sorry, we all saw what happened there, dad started it, Vandu didn’t. Kunal turns. Kuldeep scolds Vedika. Kunal asks Kuldeep to relax. Anagha and Mrunal blame Vandu and cry. Aaji asks is anyone listening. Vedika says you can curse me, but I m not lying. Kunal says stop it, look at his health, anything will happen to him, whatever I did, its by my mind, not on dad’s saying, they deserve to leave. Vedika says Kunal, I felt you have mum’s qualities, you are your dad’s son, he did wrong with everyone, you are following his path, bravo. She goes. Bobby says not done, its wrong.

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Pammi says that girl did magic on her. Kuldeep says Vedika is arguing with you for those strangers. Kunal asks him to relax. Vandu and everyone are standing outside. Anagha says I can’t go to Maayka. Mrunal scolds Vandu. Aaji asks shall I go and talk to them. Anagha says they will throw you out, Vandu did this, now bear this. Aaji asks where will we go now. Vandu says Vaibhav’s house. Aaji says no, they will create a scene and taunt you all life, we won’t go there. Anagha says Hemant isn’t with us. Vandu asks what will we do now. She asks for her phone. Shivam says it was fallen near the door, take it. Pammi comes and jokes. She makes them out of the gate and locks. Vandu ties a cloth and says I have made a mannat, we have a hope to come back. Kunal signs her to leave. She cries.

Vandu and her family are in the rain. She calls Vaibhav. Kunal asks did I do right.