Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Pammi makes a plan

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kunal asking Kuldeep to come. Mrunal doesn’t take Vandu’s call. Vandu says Mrunal and Vaibhav aren’t answering the call. Aaji says maybe intentionally. Mrunal and Vaibhav get pics clicked. She sees Shivam and goes. Vandu says we will go back. Aaji says we will wait for some time, Pammi invited us. Pammi and Vedika are shocked seeing Kuldeep. Pammi and Guneet hug Kuldeep. Bobby greets and hugs him. Kunal signs Parisa. Parisa says sorry and hugs Kuldeep. Kunal signs Vedika. Mrunal and Vaibhav see Kuldeep. Pammi says you here, suddenly. Kuldeep says I had to come, who is the girl in the newspaper. Kunal says she is nobody. Kuldeep says I can’t bear loss for my business because of your nonsense, you got defamed. Pammi says its not Kunal’s mistake, that girl and her family are our neighbors, Vandu is doing drama to trap Kunal.

Bobby goes out to talk to the guard. Aaji sees him and throws a flower at him. He says these girls are teasing me with flowers. He sees Aaji. He asks who has thrown the flower. She says I did. He asks why are you standing here. She jokes. Vandu says we were waiting for someone to come and help us, we didn’t get entry, your mum invited us. Bobby says I saw Mrunal and Vaibhav, I thought everyone is inside, sorry, please come, I will personally escort you. Aaji goes to guard and says we are going inside. Guard says sorry. She says Bobby is a nice guy. Pammi tells Kuldeep about Vandana. They see Vandana. Kuldeep asks Kunal why did this girl come. Kunal says I have no clue. Pammi says don’t worry, I have called them here for a special reason. Mrunal asks Vaibhav to see Vandu. She says you should have changed and come, why did you come in the boring saree. Aaji says we were calling you. Mrunal says phone was on silent. Vandana says you could have come outside to take me, Vaibhav. Kunal says let them go back, don’t do it. Pammi says I have made a plan, you just wait and watch. Kuldeep says your plan is good or not. She says just be glad that I have come here. She tells about Vandana’s family. Kuldeep asks why are you showing them to me. She says I will handle them, Mrunal is after Bobby and Vandu is after Kunal. They see Vandu and Kunal. She says she has a fiancé, but she is eyeing Kunal, he is a man, if he gets into her trap then, he is single at the age of 40, she can take an advantage of him. Kuldeep worries.

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Pammi says he ruined himself in Sonia’s matter, you had to bear the loss and business sank, so I have come to save Kunal from this girl, leave everything to me. Kuldeep meets the guests. Pammi says countdown starts. Vaibhav greets Kunal. He says sorry for that day. Kunal nods. Vaibhav says nice party, thank you for inviting me. Kunal says I didn’t decide the invitations. Vaibhav says I like your sense of humour, I m Vaibhav, I m in finance sector, call me if you need any help. Kunal says no need. Vaibhav says I have to stay in his good books, he saw me with Anchal in the café. Vaibhav tries to make contacts.

Vedika is tense. Vandana goes to her. Vedika says I find peace when you are around, I feel like my mum is around. Pammi looks on. Vandu says sorry, I didn’t know about the theme. Vedika says you look very lovely. Vandu asks is that your dad. Vedika says yes. She gets panicking. Vandana asks her to take a deep breath. Vedika thanks her. Pammi takes Vandu with her. Aaji gives the laddoos and says I have made besan laddoos for you. Pammi says so sweet, I thought to end our issues. They compliment each other. Aaji jokes. Pammi says Vandana, did you get any benefit from the free publicity. Vandu says no, I don’t want anything. Aaji says we are world famous here. Pammi says don’t go, there would be much fun in the party. She goes and says I will insult you. Pammi addresses the guests and tells about the music label. Mrunal says so sad, they didn’t offer any recording to Vandu. Vandana gets sad.

Vandu asks how dare you… and catches Kuldeep’s collar. Kunal shouts Vandana, how dare you.