Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Vandana’s pic comes in the newspaper

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vaibhav saying company is sending me to America, I m getting a promotion, I have to go in 2 months, I want to marry Vandana and take her along, you all don’t seem interested, tell me what to do. He leaves with his family. Mrunal thinks Vaibhav is going to US, his life will get set. Vedika asks what happened to Vandu. Bobby says all good. Kunal sees Vaibhav leaving. Pammi asks what happened, did the meeting go wrong because of Vandu. Vijay says I m responsible for your problems. Vandana says no, don’t say that. She asks him to go out for a few days to get a change. Kunal does aarti with his family. Vandu also prays. She plays the shank. Aaji asks Vandu to go to Vedika and Parisa, and thank Kunal, take the prasad. Mrunal takes Vandana.

Kunal and Vandana collide. She strikes her head again and says just for safety, sorry, thank you so much. He asks why. She says I got to know what you did with the music producer and you dropped me home. He says its okay, I would have done it for anyone. She says I will file the complaint, I won’t leave him. Pammi looks at them. She sees Mrunal with Bobby. Pammi sends Bobby. She taunts Mrunal. Vedika and Parisa come. Pammi asks Mrunal not to stick to Bobby. She says don’t waste your time, you won’t get Bobby.

Its morning, Kunal runs to see the newspaper. He shouts where is the paper. Vandu cleans the water. Aaji says water is leaking. Vandu says the walls can get damaged. Aaji says its not easy to stay in a bungalow. Vandana says I have to go for interview. Aaji asks are you going for an interview again. Vandana says I m also scared, but I can’t judge everyone because of one person. Pammi gets the newspaper and says I just took it, what happened. Kunal reads the news and is shocked. Vandana doesn’t see the paper. Anagha argues with Shivam.

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Shivam hugs Vandu. Aaji says we understand her worry, but no need to shout so much. She asks Shivam to have breakfast. Vandana picks the newspaper. She gets shocked seeing Kunal and her pic. Kunal reads… Kunal spotted with his new GF. He says I m getting calls, what shall I answer, who clicked this pic. Everyone gets calls. Kunal says keep phones on silent mode. Pammi says you have to be careful with media, Vandana is clever, she did this to link up with you, she wants to set herself, she has much needs, don’t worry, I won’t let that girl come around you.

Guneet says so much happened, cancel the party and think well. She says party can’t get cancelled, I invited the investors and media, party will happen, we should handle it well, I know, you all attend the party. Kunal says cancel this party, I don’t like parties, focus on work. She says you focus on business, investors are coming in the party, I will handle everything, I know how to handle the neigbors. She comes to Vandana and taunts her. She invites Vandana and Vaibhav in the party. She says you all are invited, I know we have many misunderstandings, but someone has to act great, we will solve this photo matter also. She goes. Vedika asks did you go to invite them, why. Pammi says don’t think much, I have nothing on my mind, don’t worry, just enjoy the party. Mrunal asks what shall I wear. Vandu tells Aaji what Pammi told her. Mrunal says you all can’t digest if anyone does good, the issues will get solved. She says I will go and get ready. She thinks I will make videos and contact. She smiles. Vandu and Kunal worry.

Vaibhav compliments Mrunal and smiles seeing her.