Apna Bana Le Piya…Make me yours, sweetheart…Part 2(PraRag,RaYa,KeerTi)

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Apna Bana Le Piya…Make me yours, sweetheart…Part 2

After Raghav reached home…

Keertan:Did you propose Prachi?


Preeti:She accepted your proposal.Right?

Raghav became sad.

He thought:My parents were longing to see me fall in love.They are so happy that I am in love.If they come to know that Prachi rejected my marriage proposal they will be very upset.

Raghav lied:Yes.

Keertan and Preeti were very happy.

Keertan:We knew that Prachi would accept your proposal.

Preeti:Who will not love my son?

Raghav’s heart pained.





Keertan and Preeti were in their room.

Keertan:Shall we surprise Raghav?


Keertan:We will meet Prachi’s parents Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor and fix Raghav-Prachi’s wedding.

Preeti:That’s a very nice idea.

Keertan and Preeti met Ram and Priya a Kapoor Mansion.

Keertan:Our son Raghav and your daughter Prachi love each other.

Ram-Priya were surprised.


Priya:Since Prachi was always talking about Raghav,we had a doubt whether they both love each other.

Ram:But since Prachi did not tell us about it,we were confused.

Keertan:Raghav himself told us that they love each other.

Ram-Priya smiled.

Preeti:What about fixing their marriage?

Ram:Why not?In the first meeting itself Raghav impressed me.

Priya:Our Prachi deserved a nice boy like Raghav.So we are very happy about this alliance.

Keertan and Preeti were very happy.




After some time Prachi returned home.

Prachi went towards Ram and Priya.

Prachi:Mumma…papa…I want to tell you both something.

Ram-Priya smiled.

Priya:Are you not going to say you are in love?

Prachi was surprised.

Prachi:How did you both know it?

Ram:We are your parents.We understand your feelings.But we became sure only when Raghav’s parents came here with the proposal.

Prachi got confused.

Prachi:But why did Raghav’s parents come here?

Priya:To fix your marriage with Raghav.

Prachi was shocked.

Prachi:But why they want Raghav and I to get married?

Ram:Because Raghav told them that you both love each other.

Prachi was shocked.

Prachi:Why did Raghav lie to them that we love each other?Because Raghav knows that I love Josh.

Ram-Priya were shocked:What?



Prachi met Raghav and shouted at him.

Prachi:I considered you as my friend.But you betrayed me by lying to your parents that we love each other.You know that I love Josh.Then why did you send your parents to my house with a marriage proposal?

Raghav was shocked.

Raghav:Yes,I lied to my parents.But I did not know that they will visit your parents with a marriage proposal.I swear.If I knew it,I would have stopped them.

Prachi:But why did you lie that you love me?Why Raghav?Why did you lie?

Raghav burst out:That was not a lie.I really love you Prachi.

Prachi was shocked.

Raghav-Prachi shared an emotional eye lock.

Prachi broke the eye lock and said:So to get me only you planned this marriage proposal.You thought that you can separate me easily from Josh?I am a fool to trust you.

Raghav became upset at her allegation.

Raghav:No Prachi.I did not even dream of separating you from Josh.I lied to my parents that you accepted my proposal.That was a mistake.I admit.But I lied not to snatch you from Josh,but to not make my parents upset.Because they were very happy that their son decided to get married atleast now.But they took my lie seriously and visited my parents.Please believe me Prachi.

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Prachi was confused.

Raghav:Prachi,you trust me.Right?

Prachi:Raghav…I need some time.It’s too much for me.

Prachi walked away.Raghav was very upset.




Raghav went home and questioned his parents.

Raghav:Why did you both fix my marriage with Prachi without even asking me?

Preeti:You both love each other.Then what’s the problem.

Raghav:Because that was a lie.Only I love Prachi.Prachi loves someone else.I lied that Prachi accepted my proposal.

Keertan-Preeti were shocked.

Keertan:Why did you lie Raghav?

Raghav:Because I did’nt want your last hope about me to be broken.But you both met Prachi’s parents to fix our marriage.So now Prachi misunderstood me.She thinks that I am trying to be a villain in her love life.

He burst into tears.Keertan and Preeti became very sad and hugged Raghav.




Josh and Prachi’s engagement….

Prachi was shocked to see Raghav there.Prachi went near him.

Raghav:Congratulations Prachi.

Prachi:How come you are here Raghav?Hope you are not here to make any scene.

Raghav:Why should I create scene on your engagement Prachi?You are my best friend.Why will I do that?

Ram-Priya came there.

Ram:We only invited Raghav here.

Priya:How can we not invite your best friend for your engagement when you forget to invite him?

Prachi was stunned as Priya taunted her.Prachi walked towards Josh.

Ram told Raghav:Don’t take her words seriously Raghav.Enjoy the party.


Raghav:I am enjoying my best friend’s engagement party.I am really happy that atleast she got her love.

Ram-Priya felt sad for him.

Seeing Josh and Prachi laughing and chatting Raghav felt jealous.

Josh-Prachi exchanged rings.Raghav’s heart was broken.

Josh and Prachi were looking very happy together.

Josh and Prachi were dancing together.Raghav imagined dancing with Prachi.




Kiara met Raghav at a restaurant accidentally.Kiara went near Raghav.

Raghav:Hi Kiara!What a surprise!

Kiara:I am also surprised.

Kiara:Hey Raghav…like I told you,I found my true love.

Raghav:Wow Kiara!I am so happy for you.Who is that guy?

Kiara:Actually I was waiting for him here.He will come here now.

A boy came.

Kiara:He is my lover.

Raghav was shocked to see Josh as her boy friend.Josh was sweating seeing Raghav.

Raghav:What nonsense!How is this possible?Josh is my friend Prachi’s boy friend.He is cheating on you Kiara.

Kiara was shocked.

Josh:What are you saying?I don’t even know you.

Raghav:Why are you lying Josh?We had met each other once.

Josh:Never!I have never met you before.

Raghav:Kiara,he is lying.

Josh:No Kiara.He is lying.I don’t know what problem he has with us.

Kiara became upset.

Kiara:Raghav…when I finally moved on,why are you trying to making me break up with my lover?

Raghav:Why should I want you to break up with your lover?I won’t say this unless there is a strong reason.

Kiara became sad.

Josh:Kiara,don’t listen to this fraud.

Josh held her hand and walked away.Raghav became sad.

Raghav:Prachi is also getting cheated.I should not let this happen.




Raghav went to Prachi’s house.Prachi,Ram and Priya were stunned.


Raghav:Prachi,I know that you are angry with me.But please listen to me.It’s urgent.Josh is not a nice person.He is cheating on you.He is dating my friend Kiara also.

Ram-Priya-Prachi were shocked.