Anupamaa fame Gaurav Khanna Shares Humorous On-Set Mishap During Romantic Scene with Rupali Ganguly

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Anupamaa fame Gaurav Khanna Shares Humorous On-Set Mishap During Romantic Scene with Rupali Ganguly

In a recent interview, during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations on the set of Anupamaa, Gaurav Khanna, renowned for his portrayal of Anuj Kapadia, recounted a lighthearted incident that occurred while shooting a romantic scene with co-star Rupali Ganguly. This amusing incident, which Gaurav fondly attributes to “Bappa’s blessings,” showcases the camaraderie and fun behind the scenes.

During the conversation, Gaurav Khanna shed light on the demanding schedule of television actors, emphasizing their relentless work ethic, often filming seven days a week. He went on to narrate the incident, saying, “A few days ago, I was shooting a romantic sequence with Rupali Ji. The scene required us to jump onto the bed. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m always enthusiastic and energetic on set. Somehow, my foot slipped, and instead of landing on the bed, I ended up flat on my face on the floor. I was wearing sunglasses and had some props in my hands. For a brief moment, filming came to a halt as I tried to comprehend what had just happened. I genuinely believe that Lord Ganpati had arrived, and it was His blessings that spared me from a more serious mishap. I sustained a few cuts, and my glasses were damaged.”

Adding a touch of humor to the tale, Gaurav’s wife, Akanksha, chimed in, saying, “The good news is that Gaurav’s eyes were unharmed.”

Rupali Ganguly also shared her experiences of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi on the set and her long-standing tradition of bringing Bappa home, a practice she has upheld for 34 years.

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Both Gaurav Khanna and Rupali Ganguly have garnered immense affection from their audience for their roles as Anuj and Anupamaa, and they continue to trend on social media, where fans adore their on-screen chemistry. It’s worth noting that “Anupamaa” maintains its status as the number one show on television, captivating viewers since its inception in 2020 and earning a top spot among the most-watched shows.