Anupama 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Gurumaa’s Warning To Anupama


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Shahs learn about Little Anu/CA’s panic attack. Kavya asks how did CA fall unconscious. Leela says she knew Anuj can’t handle it alone and hence called Anupama. Toshu says Anuj shouldn’t have called Anupama there. Kinjal says Pakhi called Anupama there. Leela says only Anupama can handle CA. Vanraj says Anuj adopted CA and went away from Anupama, this situation wouldn’t have arisen if Anuj had handled CA. Kinjal says even they had called Anupama for their each problem. Vanraj says both Shahs and Kapadias made mistake, now they should understand that Anupama has also a life; Anupama should get selfish and think about herself. Leela says no mother will never stop worrying about her kid. Dimpy says let us discuss about it in the morning and sleep now. Kinjal says who will get sleep in this situation. Dimpy thinks they shall all do jagrata whole night then. Vanraj tells Kavya that Anuj is purposefully calling Anuapama repeatedly home via CA and trying to stop her from going to USA; he knows about it as he himself did it always; Anuj is emotionally blackmailing Anupama and will not let her go this time.

Anuj pleads Anupama to do something and wake up CA. Ankush says Anupama can do anything. Dimpy calls Barkha and asks if CA is really ill. Barkha says how does she know, Anupama is here. Dimpy says Pakhi had called and says even this time Anupama will not go to USA. Barkha says she will talk to her later and disconnects call. Anupama signs a lullaby for CA and prays god to get her bebli well. CA shakes her hands. Anuj informs Anupama. Anupama walks to her bebli. CA opens eyes and calls her maa. Anupama says she is right here with her. Barkha says the way CA is looking at Anupama, it looks like she heard their conversation. Anupama brings porridge and milk for CA and feeds her.

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