Anupama 8th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama in Emotional Turmoil


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Kinjal serves tea to Kapadia. Kavya says Little Anu/CA’s screaming is still echoing in her ears. Leela asks why did Maaya came into their lives when she had to go like this, neither Anuj and Anupama would have separated nor CA would be disturbed. Kinjal says only Anupama can handle CA. Kavya asks what will happen to CA if Anuj and Anupama shift to USA. Leela asks how will a small kid live without her mother. Toshu says he thinks Anupama shouldn’t go to USA and reminds Pari getting severely ill when Kinjal left for USA. Kinjal says Pari was very small then and why can’t a father take care of a kid, Anuj will learn to handle CA soon, Anupama shouldn’t stop visiting USA. Toshu says he doesn’t know about sacrifice, he is just concerned about CA. Kinjal says he actually needs Anupama for himself and giving excuse of CA. Toshu asks how can they be so insensitive towards him. Samar backs Kinjal. Vanraj says Anuj will handle CA and they will support him, nobody should stop Anupama from visiting USA.

Kanta walks to Anupama and says Anuj fears she will not go to USA seeing CA’s condition and will stay back to take of CA. Anupama tightly hugs he emotionally and expresses her guilty that Maaya died because of her. Kanta asks not to blame herself as it was an accident. Anupama says if she had watched properly and crossed the road, Maaya wouldn’t have died; she feels worried for her little girl A, how will she live without a mother. Kanta asks her not to think much and help her pack her bags. Anupama recalls CA’s reaction.

Anuj makes CA asleep and tells Ankush that he can’t see his daughter going through a phase of losing a mother. Ankush says he can understand and comforts him. Barkha says she can’t understand how did Maaya’s accident happen when Anuj and Anupama were present there. Ankush asks what does she mean. Barkha says she is confused and wants to know. Adhik says even he wants to know. Barkha says police will have many questions. Ankush asks if she is a police. She says she is not, but is confused. Anuj says accident happened so suddenly that they didn’t have time to understand. Barkha asks why is Anupama feeling guilty as if she killed Maaya. Anuj accepts that Maaya came under the truck while saving Anupama. Barkha says it means Maaya died because of Anupama. Ankush warns her not to twist the words. Pakhi says Anuj did say that. Adhik like a true puppy brother supports Barkha. Adhik warns Barkha to stop creating stories. Anuj shouts to stop and says CA shouldn’t know that Maaya died while trying to save CA. CA hears their conversation sleeping on a cough and panics.

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Anupama gets a nightmare about CA and wakes up worried for her. Toshu informs Vanraj and Kavya that something happened to CA. Anupama rushes to Kapadia house and asks Anuj what happened to CA. Anuj informs how CA got a panic attack and says doctor told if CA doesn’t gain conscious, something will happen to her. Gurumaa feels restless and asks Nakul to call Anupama. Nakul tries and says she is not picking call. Gurumaa then asks him to call Kanta. Nakul says it’s 1:30 a.m. and she will be disturbed. Gurumaa asks him to call though. Anupama walks to CA and gets emotional. Ankush says doctor told it’s important for CA to gain consciousness. Barkha says how, CA is in deep shock with her mother’s death. Anuj blames himself for CA’s condition. Nakul learns from Kanta that Anupama went to meet CA. Gurumaa repeats before he could tell her and thinks what will Anupama do.

Precap: Anupama comforts CA and feeds her.
Leela says she told only a mother can handle a child. Vanraj says Anuj will stop Anupama from going to USA. Gurumaa says Anupama doesn’t know howmuch losses they will incur if the USA event is canceled.