Anupama 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update


Anupama 7th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Anupama does God’s aarti and says the life’s train is coming on the track again slowly, so give us some strength. She asks Kanha ji to give strength to Babu ji, Baa, Vanraj, Kavya and Pakhi, as they are fighting a difficult battle. She asks him to help Toshu and Kinjal in their journey and give big heart to Pakhi and also some hope. She prays to God to keep Maa, Bhavesh, Gurumaa, Bhai, Bhabhi and Romil fine, and then prays for Choti and Anuj. She asks Kanha ji to take extra care of Choti. Malti Devi comes there with aarti plate. Anupama says there is only one puja plate in the house. Malti Devi asks if I can’t do the puja. Anupama says puja thaali shall be same, even if the family members are more. She says she will respect her being a mother herself and will do aarti from her plate from now. Babu ji asks Baa why the milk bill is so much. She says 2 bahus are pregnant and son is unwell, that’s why milk intake was more. He says we have to manage the expenses wisely. Kinjal comes there and keeps something on the table. She asks Babu ji if he needs help. Baa says yes and asks her to do her packing. Kinjal says Toshu went to Delhi for 2 days. Baa asks why you are telling me. Babu ji says it is their life, let them live. Baa gets emotional and says everyone leave the house and the lawn falls in coma, and they come for festival, and the lawn comes to its senses. She says we can see on the video call, but can’t hug. Kinjal says she can’t see her crying and asks her not to cry. Baa asks her not to go and tells that Kavya’s baby will be born in 2 months and then Dimpy’s baby who will take care of them. She says Vanraj doesn’t care for himself, who will take care of us and everyone. She says we took the tickets to go to hevaen, but dont know when we will get the visa. She asks her not to go and convinced Toshu. Kinjal says it is their lives and they have to move on. She says they can’t live here and has to fly. Baa asks her to fly and says she is not saying this angrily. She asks her not to love the family and leave. Kinjal goes. Baa cries and says they are just dependent on Anupama.

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