Anupama 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama In A Catch-22 Situation


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Vanraj tells Anupama that life would put her in a tough situation often, but she shouldn’t stop at any cost. Anupama says he is right that life will throw her into a tough situation repeatedly, but she will not fail; its difficult for her to leave her husband and daughter in this situation, but it’s more difficult to back off and hence she will go to America at any cost. Anuj smiles hearing their conversation. Vanraj says she took a right decision and walks away from there. Gurumaa eagerly waits for Anupama. Nakul informs her that Maaya passed away in a road accident. Gurumaa prays for the peace of Maaya’s soul. Nakul informs Kapadias have arranged Maaya’s condolence meet today. Gurumaa says they shall attend it, but she will not let Anupama skip USA trip.

Anuj panics when Little Anu/CA doesn’t open her room door and informs Anupama. Everyone rush towards CA’s room. Anuj and Vanraj break the door open. They find CA sleeping holding Maaya’s photos and murmuring maa in sleep. Anupama gets emotional, lies besides her, and says mummy is with her babli. CA hugs her and says she thought she left her forever, she shouldn’t go away again from her, she is sorry for getting angry on her for hurting mummy, etc. Anupama cries. CA wakes up and asks where is Maaya maa. She calls Maaya and asks Anuj to call maa as she wants to apologize her. Anuj tries to calm her down, but she gets out of control. Gurumaa with Nakul attends condolence meet and asks a guest where is the family. Guest says they are in CA’s room, trying to comfort her. Gurumaa says they shall go there. Nakul asks if it would be right to go there. CA continues to demand for Maaya. Anuj says Maaya is gone forever and will not return. CA hugs Anupama and asks if she will also leave her. Gurumaa notices that. Nakul says they shouldn’t have come there.

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Family walks down after consoling CA. Anupama notices Gurumaa. Gurumaa says they heard about Maaya and hence came to meet them. She reminds Anupama that she needs to leave for USA after a day.

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