Anupama 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Maaya Tries To Kill Anupama?


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Maaya looks at car keys and thinks Anupama hasn’t left any option for her and she has to erase Anupama from Anuj and her life forever. While walking on street, Anupama tells Kanta that she wants to stay alone for sometime. Kanta asks her not to bother about mentally sick Maaya. Bhavesh says if Maaya is mentally sick, she should be in a hospital. Anupama says she doesn’t want to talk about it and requests to leave her alone for some time. Maaya drives car towards Anupama, recalls all the recent incidents, and thinks Anupama is acting as a victim while she herself is a victim of Anupama’s atrocities. She speeds car towards Anupama and knocks her down. She gets into her senses and realizes it was her imagination. She walks to her room anxious and breaks things. Anupama enters her room.

Ankush asks Anuj why didn’t he stop Anupama from entering Maaya’s room and asks Kanta why did she bring Anupama back here. Kanta says Anupama didn’t listen to her. Anuj says Anupama got adamant to speak to Maaya and warned that nobody should disturb her until she comes out. Barkha murmurs she is sick and tired of this drama. Adhik says even he is. Barkha asks where is his wife. Adhik say she must be crying in her room. Barkha asks him to go to her then and calm her down. Adhik refuses. Anupama cleans Maaya’s room. Maaya shouts why did she come here when she doesn’t like anyone here, she should just get out of this house. Anupama holds her hands and says she wants to talk to her, makes her sit, and gives her god’s idol. Maaya calms down. Anuj says he can’t wait anymore and is going to check on Anupama. Bhavesh stops him and says if Anupama has gone to speak to Maaya, she must have thought something well. Kanta says Anupama doesn’t need his help and if he had to help Anupama, he shouldn’t have let this happen.

Kinjal informs Shahs that Pakhi is crying continuously and informed that Anupama went to speak to Maaya. Shahs show their concern for Anupama. Dimpy thinks how can Kinjal be so calm always; she was going to dance academy and then somewhere with Samar, but Anupama’s never-ending drama ruined it; she can think about herself only after Anupama leaves for America. Vanraj says Anupama shouldn’t have gone there again after Maaya threw her bags out and humiliated her. Leela hopes Maaya doesn’t harm Anupama anymore. Anupama tells Maaya that anger in one’s mind and fire on a palm both burn them, she and Anuj are not conspiring, they love each other and whenever they want to, they will stay together openly, they are husband and wife and it’s their right to stay together and no one can stop them. She says she didn’t know that Anuj is also going to America, Anuj belongs to only him for 7 lives and nobody can snatch him from her; she left her right by herself for her daughter little Anu, she has sacrificed her love but not stopped loving, a mother can sacrifice anything for her child.

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She continues that Maaya never loved Anuj but was just stubborn to snatch him from her; she let Maaya do her drama for her daughter’s sake; she feels sorry for Anuj who had to go through 3 emotional turmoils of losing parents, getting Mukku married to a wrong person, separating from her, tolerating Maaya’s nonsense, and above all being blamed by everyone; there is a limit of tolerance and once he breaks down, he will not be normal again. She continues her long speech describing how Little Anu is suffering because of her biological mother, how Little Anu was praying god to send her parents and when she got a mother, her mother frightened her so much that she is afraid to be near her mother, etc, etc., and finally says Maaya has to handle the situation before its too late. Maaya recalls Little Anu’s frightened face.

Precap: Maaya apologizes Anupama for her mistakes and starts coughing. Anupama goes to get water for her. Maaya notices a speeding truck towards Anupama, saves Anupama, and herself gets knocked down.