Anupama 28th December 2023 Written Episode Update


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The fire alarm rings. Vikram comes there and sets off the fire alarm. He tells Anupama about Diya and set it off. He tells her about the smoke alarms and says the alarms rings if there is any smoke. Anupama says I thought to keep the diya as it was not there. Vikram tells that Yashpal ji will get very angry, don’t do it again and asks her to do puja outside. She asks him to get Tulsi pot so that she can do the puja. He says it is Holy Basil and tells that he will search it. He asks her to get back to work, else Yashpal ji and will say, there shall be no chit chat. Anupama keeps the diya outside and does puja. She goes inside. Shruti comes there with Aadhya. Aadhya asks if she has come to have chole batura. Shruti says she has come to take her luggage and goes inside.

Anuj does the puja of God and Goddess and prays for Aadhya. He says Choti has many anger issues as she has seen so much in her childhood and have seen her parents separating, and saw her mother leaving her. He says she has changed the country and also her name. He asks God to make his Choti as happy as she was before, so that he can take off bad sight of her happiness all day. He reminisces Anupama and asks why I am missing those memories, and the betrayal, I have left it there then why I am feeling that the memory is behind me.

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Shruti and Anupama exchange their bags and says sorry for opening each other bags. Shruti calls her Joshi ben. Anupama asks how did you know? Shruti says she saw her name and knows that she is Gujrati, so called her Joshi ben. Anupama asks her to sit and asks what she would like to have. Shruti says she has to go as her daughter is having competition today. Anupama looks at Aadhya standing outside and thinks her Choti must be grown up now. She brings sugar cubes/misri and asks her to make her eat. Shruti says she doesn’t believe on all this, but wants to follow her due to her Aura. She thanks her. Anupama says all the best to your daughter for competition. Shruti comes out of the restaurant and tells Aadhya, lets go. Aadhya says who was there? Shruti says Joshi ben from India and says she is a magical lady, I will introduce you to her next time. Aadhya says she is not interested to meet random people. Shruti asks then how relations will be made. Aadhya says like your and Papa’s relation is mad. Shruti says you naughty girl.

Anupama looks at her children’s photo and says she has just this photo with her, and thanks Kanha ji. She prays for Aadhya’s victory in the competition.

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