Anupama 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar Vents Out His Frustration


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Shah family gets angry after learning that Samar signed a contract with Malti Devi/MD and tongue lash him. Kinjal says MD must have blackmailed and got the contract signed. Toshu questions Samar how can he sign a contract with mummy’s enemy, Anupama had high hopes on him, only Toshu and Pakhi can make mistakes and not Samar, etc. Dimpy stops him and says Samar is not habituated to sit idle and live on his wife’s earnings like Toshu, shall be become a loser like him lazing around at home. Kinjal gets angry hearing that and warns Dimpy to shut her mouth, dare not disrespect elders, and not interfere between brothers. Leela says nobody should talk to Dimpy or else they will forget their manners. Kinjal says whether Toshu is right or wrong, he is elder to Dimpy and she doesn’t have any right to insult him. Leela says Dimpy is insulting her elder BIL and will insult her FIL tomorrow. Kavya says she can understand desperation of being jobless, but not shaking hands with the enemy.

Vanraj tells Samar that he must be having some reason or else he wouldn’t have done this, he is their family’s good kid. Samar shouts he is tired of acting as a good kid, neither he is nor he doesn’t want to, according to them a good kid is the one who blindly obeys them, he is not Shah family’s good kid, he doesn’t want to pay for being good like his mother, they don’t mind if other kids do mistake but exect him not to make any mistake, what is wrong if he signed a contract with MD, he came and informed them though. Anuj says everyone does mistakes, but don’t help enemy to destroy their own mother. Samar says he saw the offer and not the one who gave it. Anuj asks if his job offer is more important than his mother. Vanraj asks what if MD traps him. Samar says its a job and not money deal to get jailed.

Dimpy says they followed mummy’s advice to consider work as just work and accepted MD’s offer. Leela says she is a kid not to understand anything. Samar asks her not to say anything to Dimpy and says he is not a fool to accept MD’s offer blindly, maybe he can clear differences between mummy and MD’s and help MD repay the losses mummy did. Anuj asks why don’t anyone say howmuch losses Anu did, Samar should go to his new boss and ask her to send him a detailed bill of her losses, he will pay 10 times the losses; MD is not behind money, her ego is hurt and she is trying to take revenge from Anu. Samar says maybe working with MD would heal MD’s wounds. Anuj says he has grown up so big that he can’t see his mother’s wounds. Samar tells Anupama that he took up a job thinking about her, he can go wrong, but right now let him and Dimpy work for MD. Hasmukh says MD is doing this with vested interests and will harm him and Dimpy for sure.

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Anupama recalls MD’s challenge. Vanraj says he doesn’t have to do anything for Anupama. Vanraj says since childhood, he is always sided with mummy; he wants to think on his own and change his perception. Kinjal says his perception is wrong. Samar says let him walk on his own, he is ready for fall down. He requests Anupama to trust him. Anupama recalls MD’s challenge to destroy her kids and Samar’s frustration. MD tells Nakul that she has hired a new dancer, Samar Shah. Nakul asks Anupama’s son. MD says Samar and Dimpy have signed a contract, they will handle their Indian gurukul once we shift to USA. Anuj says she is trying to take revenge from Anupama indirectly, their losses are recovered with their USA counterpart’s events, they are artist and don’t have a place for revenge in their lives. MD says Anupama ruined her reputation and will accept all the punishments smilingly, she wants to hurt her mentally via her children. Nakul says Anupama’s act is justified by not hers.

Anupama asks Samar to take care of himself, work hard, not let gurumaa complain, not make mistakes even by mistakes, and not let her and gurumaa’s fight affect his work. Samar says sorry for overreacting, he was tired of hearing himself as a good kid, but he is still mummy’s good child. He promises to never let her down. Toshu says he already did and is just trying to justify his wrong decision. Hasmukh says whether right or wrong, they are their dear ones and should be blessed for their new work. CA walks to Anupama and says she prepared a list of invitees for baby shower ceremony. Anupama says such a long list and says sorrows haunt them often, but they need to find a way to happiness. Anuj tells his bebli that they will have a lavish baby shower ceremony. Anupama fears her dream shouldn’t turn true. Anupama and Anuj then walk toward their car and discuss that MD must be behind all the incidents, she should take revenge from them and not kids, Samar is a fool not to understand MD’s conspiracy. Anupama recalls her nightmare and says whatever gurumaa does, she will not let her harm her children, etc… etc.. etc…

Precap: Anupama hears Samar calling her.
MD notices a baby on her door step. Kavya thinks she can’t keep V in dark and should reveal truth to him. Anupama fears something wrong will happen.