Anupama 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Maaya Determined To Take Back Little Anu’s Custody


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Anuj and Anupama return home carrying sleeping Little Anu. Dimple says she will make Little Anu sleep in her room. Anuj and Anupama stop her and say they will sleep with Little Anu today. Barkha asks if something happened after kite flying competition. They say no and walk into their room. Little Anu murmurs Maaya in sleep. Anupama says how can Maaya enter their lives suddenly from nowhere when they adopted Little Anu from an orphanage. Anuj says Maaya seems to be suspicious and is just behind Little Anu for money. He calls his friend orphanage manager Abhay who doesn’t pick call. Anupama asks him to send a message to Abhay that its urgent and to call immediately. Maaya thinks they 2 must be thinking she is here for money, but her mamata/mothermood dragged her here. Abhay calls back. Anuj asks if a woman named Maaya came to ashram. Abhay says Maaya is Little Anu’s mother and had left her at ashram 7 years ago. Anuj and Anupama shatter hearing that. Maaya thinks her case is so strong that no power in the world can stop her from taking back her daughter’s custody. Anuj panics and questions how can one call self as a mother just by giving birth; one has to take care of the child; why did Maaya abandon little Anu and came now to show her right; he will give money or whatever she wants but will not give his daughter at any cost.

Kavya offers free perfume samples to family. Leela comments to check with her free samples. Hasmukh jokes that if Leela was a dacoit, she would have looted free stuff. Toshu says even perfume market is good, he can do something in it. Vanraj warns him to stay away and says business doesn’t happen overnight and needs proper planning. Leela says business needs hard work, so Toshu should work hard or do some job. Kavya offers her a free sample. Leela says she doesn’t a stuff which she got by selling her shame. Hasmukh warns her to stop insulting Kavya as she is insulting people who are working hard in entertainment business. Kavya thanks him and says even Anuj, Anupama, and Little Anu praised her and said she was looking beautiful. Kinjal says she was looking beautiful, in fact Pari was smiling seeing her. Samar smiles looking at Dimple’s message. Leela curses Anupama that she won’t be happy after ruining her family and recalls Maaya’s words.

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Next morning,Anupama finds Little Anu not in her room and searches her in whole house. She questions Barkha, Dimple, and Anuj who say Little Anu didn’t come to them. They all search for her outside the house and see someone kidnapping her and taking her away. Anupama wakes up seeing that nightmare. Anuj asks if she also saw a nightmare of someone taking Little Anu away, he will die without Little Anu, only they are Little Anu’s parents; Little Anu was thriving for parents’ love and when she got it, someone just barged in and wants to take her away. Anupama says nobody can take their daughter away from them. Anuj seeks promise from her not to Little Anu go away from them. Anupama recalls Maaya’s words and promises to protect Little Anu at any cost, thinks it would be a toughest battle between Yashoda and Devaki if Maaya is really Little Anu’s mother. They spend a sleepless night. Kal Ho Na Ho.. music plays in the background.

Next morning, Vanraj walkes up and notices Kavya enjoying coffee. He recalls Leela asking her to stop Kavya’s modeling and acts romantic with her. She feels good. He says he didn’t like her modeling and she should stop it. Kavya warns him not to fool her in lieu of romance, she knows he got Anupama pregnant to stop her from going to USA. Vanraj says it was their mutual consent. Kavya says its her decision and she will not stop, so he should stop trying. She asks him to come out as there is a surprise for him. Anuj and Anupama panic when Little Anu gets fever. Barkha and Ankush ask why they are acting weird since yesterday, they should relax as its just a viral fever. Little Anu says Maaya is coming today to meet her. Ankush says if its same Maaya whom Little Anu met during her camp. Anuj says they will postpone Maaya’s visit until Little Anu gets well. Little Anu insists to call Maaya as her fever got well within a day when Maaya Took care of her. Door bell rings. Little Anu excitedly says Maaya must have come.

Precap: Maaya informs Little Anu that she is taking her to her home as she is her biological daughter.