Anupama 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj Misunderstands Anupama


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Hasmukh tries to cheeer up sad Anupama by dancing around her and apply color to her. Family joins him and ance on Holi Khele Raghuveera.. song. Anupama hopes Anuj comes. Anuj walks in and extends his hands. She runs and hugs him emotionally. Little Anu joins them, and they both pamper her. They all 3 apply color to each other and dance together. Anuj then meets Hasmuh and other family members and plays holi with them. Anupama gets out of her imagination and thinks it was just her dream. She then gets busy enjoying holi with family.

Anuj enters with Dheeraj and stand disheartened seeing Anupama enjoying holi with her family forgetting everything. He recalls Little Anu leaving them and recites a poem in his mind that he has become alone again. Anupama hopes Anuj and Little Anu were here and continue to dance with family. Devika alerts Anupama. Anupama gets happy seeing Anuj, runs towards him, applies color, touches his feet, and wishes him happy holi. She then with shying face like a new bride asks if he will not apply color to her. Anuj says it may be a happy holi for her but not him. Anupama asks why is he saying this. Anuj shouts at her to stop her drama. Whole family gathers and asks if everything is okay.

Anupama asks why did she do, why is he getting angry. Anuj asks how can a mother whose daughter is gone dance and celebrate festival; she forget their daughter so soon. He says he is feeling bad as he and his daughter are missing, but she is enjoying holi as her whole family is with her. He says this holi must be more colorful to her as she is free from Little Anu’s responsibility and can spend her time freely with her children and parents.

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