Anupama 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Devi’s Condition To Forgive Anupama


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Government officer after sealing Anupama Dance Academy calls Malti Devi/MD and informs that he did his job. MD says good and disconnects call. Anupama walks to her and tries to touch her fees. MD stops her. Vanraj informs Hasmukh that the government officials sealed dance academy citing they can’t run commercial activities without license there. Dimpy shouts how will they refund students’ fees when Samar Mumbai dance workshop organizers didn’t pay any money to Samar. Toshu asks Samar why did he let it go. Samar says this time, saving mummy’s dance academy is more important. Kinjal says mummy would be hurt and feel insulted. Leela says MD must have got it shut, they need to talk to Anupama regarding it.

MD offers ghungroo to Anupama. Anupama wears them and greets MD. MD plays Sheela Ki Jawani.. songg. Anupama performs Bharatanatyam dance on the song. MD then plays Piya Tose Naina Lagere.. song. Anupama performs gracefully even on that song. MD next plays Kamariya Hilade…song. Anupama performs. Nakul tells MD that instead of punishing Anupama, she is humiliating Anupama and even dance. MD continues to change songs. Anuj tells Ankush that he doesn’t know what all Anupama has to go through to get MD’s forgiveness. Vanraj informs Shahs that he had called Pakhi when Anupama didn’t pick his call and learnt that Anupama has gone to meet MD. Leela says Anupama shouldn’t have gone there as MD will not forgive her at any cost. Kavya asks how will Anupama sort out the issue without meeting MD. Hasmukh says when Anupama can melt Leela’s heart, she can met even MD’s heart. Leela says MD’s heart is of stone.

Anupama continues to dance and falls down tired and shortness of breath on MD’s feet. She apologizes MD for stopping abruptly. MD asks her to get up and asks if she wants forgiveness even now. Anupama says she can do anything for her forgiveness. Anupama says if she does one thing, she will forgive her and even hug her. Anupama says she will do anything. MD recalls warning Anupama that gurukul is her god and she will not let her insult her god, Anupama promising her and then breaking her promise. Dimpy thinks her and Samar’s career is lost because of Anupama, but Shah family is worried about Anupama and not them. Anuj worries for Anupama and tells Ankush that he shouldn’t have let her go there. Barkha tells Adhik that its good for them if Anuj gets busy with Anupama. Ankush asks him to go there and bring back Anupama. Anuj says Anupama strictly warned him not to come there.

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MD tells Anupama that Anupama had sacrificed her talent for her family, she will forgive Anuapama only if she sacrifices her family completely and lives rest of her life for her talent. Anupama stands silent. MD says Anupama never wanted to leave her family and insulted talent, now she will make sure Anupama is punished rigorously and make her life a hell. She drags and throws Anupama out of the gurukul and shuts the door on her face. She thinks Anupama can’t even think what she will do with her. Anupama stands crying. She then gets a call and says she will come right now. She removes ghunghroo from her feet and keeps them as MD’s blessings.

Precap: Anupama reaches Shah house and asks where is Samar. Toshu says Samar is no more.