Anupama 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Efforts To Ease Anuj’s Pain

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Anupama gets happy when Devika informs her that she and Dheeraj are going to marry soon. She says Dheeraj is a very good man and will keep Devika happy. Devika says she fears now seeing Anuj and Anupama’s condition as they are her ideal and she decided to marry Dheeraj seeing them. Anupama says Anuj loves her a lot, but has shattered due to the recent consequences; she is sure Dheeraj will keep Devika happy. She apologizes her for spoling their mood because of her and Anuj. Devika says scolds her not to say that and says she will not invite her to the wedding if she talks such things again. Anupama apologizes her. Devika says Anuj and Anupama have to forget everything as they can have either relationship or anger and if they hold both, they will lose both. She says tomorrow is holi, they should take Anuj out and cheer them up. Dheeraj thinks how to get Anuj out of his depression. Devika prays god that they suffered a lot, so god shouldn’t test them more.

At Shah house, Pakhi tells family that its her first holi after marriage and hopes situation would have been normal between Anupama and Anuj as its their also their first holi after marriage. Kinjal says she thought it would be a special holi. Samar says they will not celebrate it now. Pakhi says of course, how can they celebrate when Anuj and Anupama are upset. Kavya says she learnt one thing from Anupama, staying sad can only increase sadness, she doesn’t know when everything will be normal, but they can take baby steps towards a normal life. Kinjal says Anuj and Anupama should get out of the house and divert their attention. Hasmukh says he will try to speak to them. Vanraj brings Toshu after a doctor’s visit. Hasmukh asks what did doctor say. Kinjal asks if there is any improvement with physiotherapy. Toshu raises his hands and takes water glass from Vanraj. Family gets happy seeing that.

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