Anupama 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update


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Tapish looks at himself in the mirror and dances to vent out his anger. He thinks of Dimpy and thinks why she didn’t come till now. Mushkil karde jeena mera plays….He recalls her words that she has forgotten her troubles for sometime. He recalls Vanraj’s warning and dances in aggression. He sits on the floor. Anupama comes there and offers him water. He drinks it. Anupama asks if we shall sit and talk. Tapish nods his head. Anupama helps him get up. Dimpy thinks she is late for the class, and thinks if she goes then again the same thing will start. She says sorry to her baby and thinks she tries to keep herself away from stress and be happy. She says she is trying to be happy.

Anupama asks if he is fine. Tapish nods yes. She says whatever happened yesterday. He tells Anupama that he had taken Dimpy to hear the jamming of music by his friends, and tells that Vanraj sir is thinking us wrong, we are just friends. He says Dimpy had told Kavya Maam before coming with me. Anupama asks him to calm down and says both Baa and Mr. Shah worry for Dimpy. She says they can’t think like you, and you can’t think like them. She says I can see worry in your eyes, and says this is the time to understand. She says Dimpy is carrying my son’s baby and Baa and Mr. Shah are hopeful to get Samar’s baby and are over protective about Dimpy. She says they don’t want to lose the baby. Tapish says I can understand, as I have lost my parents and knows its pain. Anupama says you both are understanding and asks them to take the wise steps so that nobody gets the chance to taunt.

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Baa asks Dimpy where is she going? Dimpy says she is going to say OTP to the courier guy, and whispers that if she wants to go then nobody can stop her. Anupama tells Tapish to become Dimpy’s friend, but give some time to friendship and people. She asks him to give sometime. Tapish asks if Dimpy will come now. Anupama says she is my bahu and will come. She tells that Dimpy will not break her friendship with him. Tapish promises that he will not do anything wrong and will not let Dimpy do wrong. He says he was stressed when she came. She says she knows the difference between Tandav and dance. Titu laughs. Vanraj and Kavya come home. Dimpy tries to talk to vanraj. Vanraj says not now. Kavya tells Dimpy that Anupama will talk to them and convince them. She says she dances well and makes others dance well. Dimpy smiles.

Barkha gives cold coffee to Malti Devi. Malti Devi says Anupama threaten me today. Barkha asks her to do something before Anupama does something.

Anuj and Anupama are in the restaurant. Anuj says you didn’t get scare of lizard so I called you here. Anupama asks to scare me? He says no, to have food. He asks her to order food. Anupama checks the Menu and asks why did they leave 10 Rs on every item. He says you are my wife now and asks her to stop thinking about money. He says you are on date now. He asks if she talked to Dimpy. Anupama says she talked to Titu. She asks him to stop the car and tells that she has to buy grocery items. He says she shall concentrate on him, they have got ready and came here. He holds her hand and kisses on her hand.

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