Anupama 17th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Warning To Romil


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Anuj warns Romil to stop playing a victim card always. He says he himself had come from an orphanage and hence Romil’s drama will not work; he should count the blessings he got from a caring father to a house to stay and food to calm his hunger, he should focus on what he can achieve. Romil says he has to take permission to even breathe in this house. Anuj says he doesn’t have to take permission to be slapped again. Anupama says they are scolding him for his goodness. Romil breaks thinks shouting he doesn’t need her concern and she should stop becoming a life coach and lecturing, let him breathe. Ankush insists Romil to apologize Anuj and Anupama as they are right and he should respect them if he wants to stay in their house. Romil says he doesn’t need their favor and he is going from here. Anupama says he can go but think where will he go and what will he have, he doesn’t know how to buy groceries and how to even stay alone, they disrespect parents’ favors; if he has any relatives to stay, his friends may give him a shelter for a few days and then they will kick him out of their house, etc..

Ankush asks Romil to say sorry to Anuj and Anupama and go to his room. Barkha says if he doesn’t want to say sorry, then she will book a cab for him. Ankush insists. Romil says sorry. Anuj asks him to clean the mess he and his friends made. Ankush apologizes Anuj and Anupama on Romil’s behalf and says he shouldn’t have given his credit card to Romil, he couldn’t be a good father. Anuj asks him to be careful from hereon or else he would be forced to take a decision which nobody would like. Anupama says Ankush is both mother and father to Romil and should take more care of him, they will also support him Ankush apologizes them again. Bakha says Romil will never change due to his wrong upbringing. Romil recalls Anuj slapping him and thinks Anuj and Anupama did wrong by humiliating him in front of his friends, he will take revenge from them. Anuj and Anupama hope Romil reforms himself.

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Next morning, Leela enters kitchen and is shocked to see a partition line between the kitchen. Kinjal informs that Dimpy drew it. Leela says she didn’t feel bad when Dimpy divided the house and feels very bad now seeing a partition line. Dimpy walks in and says she drew a line to let them know which side belongs to them. Leela says she draw a paint over her fate and not on a floor. Dimpy says Leela doesn’t have to worry about her fate and says she is standing on her side. Kinjal takes Leela from there.

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