Anupama 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update


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Romil knocks on the door waiting for his friend to open the door. Anupama looks at him. Romil then takes out spare keys from under the pot and gets inside. He sees something and gets shocked. Anupama peeps inside the house and sees Pakhi’s hand bag kept there. She shouts Sweety and asks Romil where is my Sweety? Romil gets shocked seeing her there. Anupama checks for Pakhi’s phone in her purse, but it is not there. Romil pats on his cheeks in regret. Vanraj is leaving. Baa asks where is he going? Vanraj says I am going to search Pakhi and can’t wait anymore. Baa says we can just wait? Vanraj says he can’t leave the search on Police. Babu ji asks where you will search him? Baa says you didn’t have food since 2 days. Vanraj says this father will not die before searching her. Samar asks Vanraj to stay at home and says we will go to search Pakhi. Toshu says her brother are alive, and we will search her.

Anupama looks at the house and says the place seems to be fine, but where is Pakhi? She turns to Romil and asks where is my daughter? Samar and Toshu sit in the car. Toshu says some people can help us to search Pakhi, but they are not good people, but if she is kidnapped then they will get information and can help us. Samar asks if it is right to take their help. Toshu says we need to search Pakhi. Samar says we will search Pakhi, and will knock anyone’s door. They leave.

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Anupama tells Romil that you saw us crying, but didn’t say anything. She says we had filed Police complaint and the Police arrested Adhik, and you stayed silent. She says where is Pakhi and why you have brought her here, I need answer. She says you will not say, but I will open your mouth and will know the truth today. Romil cries worriedly. Anupama holds his collar and takes him from there.

Baa prays to God and says Anupama’s fear is right that something wrong can happen with her. babu ji asks her not to say this. Baa tells that the world is bad, everyone has this fear. Dimpy says Pakhi is very strong and will shout to shaken up the ground, if someone touches her. She says her fighting power will help her. Kavya says she has Vanraj’s anger and Anupama’s strength, and will fight back.

A girl wearing clothes like Pakhi falls on Samar and Toshu’s car. They get happy thinking she is Pakhi.

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