Anupama 12th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Verdict For Dimpy And Samar


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Dimpy says Shahs will not give her and Samar’s property share and they will not go from Shah house without taking it, so it’s better stay under same roof separately with them occupying first floor and Shahs staying in ground floor. Leela says she warned everyone that Dimpy will break the house, nobody listened to her then. Hasmukh sits shattered. Samar stands silently. Anupama starts her speech that whether a house is big or small, kitchen and pooja room remains same for the whole family. She asks Hasmukh to take a decision. Hasmukh says his head is bursting with pain, so he gives her complete rights to take a decision. Anupama tells Samar and Dimpy that they can live the way they want to without any interference from the family members; pooja room would be same as god can’t be divided, but she will divide kitchen; Samar was habituated to have mother or grandmother’s prepared food, let him have his wife’s prepared food now; let them manage themselves without parent’s support. Hasmukh says parents can support children to an extend and can’t hold their hands forever.

Anupama says they will have to pay their own grocery, laundry, telephone, electricity bill, etc., and if not shall give their share. Dimpy rudely yells again and walks to the first floor holding Samar’s hand. Samar walks behind her like an obedient puppy wagging his tail to his owner. Anuj gets concerned as it has been long since Anupama went to Shah house and hopes everything is alright there. Anupama tries to leave. Hasmukh apologizes for dragging her into their issues while she has her own family issues. Leela asks if Romil is still staying at KM. Anupama says yes. Kavya asks if Barkha accepted Romil. Anupama says even if Barkha doesn’t accept Romil, he will stay at KM. She says they see Romil’s behavior, but not the emotional turmoil he is going through and trying to hide it with anger; maybe Romil is not bought up between a family or maybe he didn’t get proper upbringing; a child bonds with elders due to love and not relatonship. She gives her and her Bebli’s example. She walks out of Shah house and prays god to reunite the broken Shah family.

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Anupama notices Anuj watching her hiding. He throws rose towards her. She jokingly asks Suresh to come out. Anuj pops out in front of her and asks who is Suresh. Anupama says she says she tricked him to call him out. He says he would have used hockey sticks on every Suresh in this locality. She asks what is he doing here instead of being at office. Anuj says he came to pick her up and asks if something happened. She says no. He says let’s go home. She says she doesn’t go strangers. Their nibba nibbi kinda romance starts. They funnily dance and enact on Khullam Khulla Pyar Karenge Hum Dono.. song. After the song ends, Anuj tells her that they forgot to romance often. Anupama says they have spent half their lives caring for family. Anuj says their family dramas won’t end forever, so they need to find happiness themselves. Anupama says even if they are not married, they should find happiness in themselves and gives a long explanation. Anuj says she should find time for herself, meet her old friends, and enjoy. Anupama says even he should meet his old friends and enjoy. Anuj jokes not to fall for any Suresh though.

Pakhi finds some difficulty while checking office documents and hopes Anuj was here. Adhik helps her and then throws her laptop away. He then physically abuses her. Anuj and Anupama head towards home.

Precap: Pakhi physically abuses Pakhi. Pakhi pleads Adhik to leave her and not exaggerate the issue or else family will get tensed.
Anupama with Anuj walks in and seeing Pakhi crying asks if something happened.
Pakhi hugs her and says yes.