Anupama 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Police gives clean chit to Adhik


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Barkha comes to Anupama and asks her to listen. She says I know that you don’t believe me or Adhik, but he is not that bad to harm his own wife, though he is mannerless and a bit bad. She asks her to take back the complaint and says if Adhik is guilty, then I will break relation with him and will throw him out. Ankush says even he knows Adhik since his childhood, and he don’t think that Adhik can do this. Romil hears his trust and gets upset. Anupama asks Ankush to call Anuj. Ankush says he is not picking the call. Anupama says he doesn’t do like this. Ankush asks Barkha what to do, as without Anuj, it is difficult to handle Anupama, and tells that he is worried that something might happen to her. Ankush and Barkha bring Anupama to Shah house. Anupama hugs Baa and cries, saying Pakhi…Everyone is shocked. Ankush tells them that it was difficult to handle Anupama and that’s why they have brought her here. They ask where is Anuj? Ankush tells that Police has called Anuj for identification, as they have found body resembling Pakhi. Anupama shouts saying she is not her Pakhi. Vanraj and Anupama cry, while the voice over says that the parents want their children to be fine always. Anuj rushes there and tells Anupama that she was right, the dead body was not of Pakhi. Romil thinks if Adhik can be arrested, then I can get arrested too. Kavya comes to Vanraj. Vanraj holds Kavya’s belly and recalls little Pakhi’s cry. He goes. Kavya tells her baby that she doesn’t understand Vanraj’s emotions before, but now she understands why the kids are the world for their parents. Anuj asks Anupama to have something. Inspector comes there and tells Anuj that Adhik has confessed to raise hand on his wife, and also accepted to have done fraud in your office. She says but it is proved with the CCTV footage that he was in the restaurant with his friend. He says Adhik doesn’t know about his wife.

Barkha tells that she was telling that Adhik is innocent, he is not criminal, but nobody listened to me. Adhik comes there and asks if they don’t believe him or Police. Vanraj says it is not difficult for man like you to fool Police. Samar says exactly. Toshu says you can do this hiring someone else. Adhik tells Anupama that she might be thinking him wrong, I couldn’t respect Pakhi and couldn’t become her good husband, I will say that I love Pakhi, though you might be thinking that I am wrong. He asks them to think that there is someone else who has kidnapped Pakhi and is letting the kidnapper free. Romil gets a phone call and his friend tells that so far it is all good, but now Police is involved, if I get caught then I will tell truth to Police. Romil says I am coming there. Adhik asks them to think that the culprit is someone else. Barkha says we are here, if you want to take action then take it, but think what Adhik said. Ankush says yes. Anuj says if Police gave clean chit to Adhik then might have given it after interrogation, and tells that till now there is no call for ransom. Toshu asks if she went somewhere for a break.

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Adhik is sitting outside the house and crying, recalling Pakhi defending himself. He says sorry, I shall be punished for hurting you, and hits his hand on the wall for slapping her. Anupama comes there and stops him. Adhik tells her that he has done a big mistake, but he didn’t kidnap Pakhi and asks her to search the real culprit before it is too late. Anupama says whatever you have done with my daughter, I will not forgive you or forget it. She says we shall see the other perspective too, if it was kidnapping for ransom, then it didn’t come. She says Pakhi never lies that she is going somewhere and goes to other place. She says that means she is in trouble and if she is not searched then it will be too late. Adhik asks her to keep eye on him, but search Pakhi. Anupama says yes, we will search her, and will find out who is behind all this. She brings him inside. Vanraj asks why did you bring him here, and says I can’t forget what he has done with my daughter. Barkha says even his wife is missing and he is worried. Anupama says we will never forgive him for raising hand on my daughter, but right now we shall focus on searching Pakhi.

They hear people celebrating Janmasthami. Baa says we used to celebrate Janmasthami every year. Anupama says we will celebrate Janmasthami even in the difficult time, it is the true devotion that we pray to Kanha ji even in this difficult time. She says we shall pray that Pakhi shall return before Janmasthami. Everyone prays to God to return Pakhi. Baa asks God to do something that they celebrate his birth celebration with Pakhi.

Precap: Anupama tells Anuj that she will not rest until she gets her daughter. Ankush says we shall go to PS. Anuj tells that Police is coming here. Romil gets shocked and thinks what to do. Anupama surprises Anuj and wishes him happy birthday. He thanks her. She says we shall not let any good chance missed due to the sorrows.