Ajooni 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dolly tries to burn Ajooni

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Scene 1
Dolly says to Aman why are you going? Ajoonii will cook. Aman says it’s okay. I will cook. Dolly is scared. Bebe asks her why are you so scared? She drops the class. Ajooni goes to the kitchen. She stops Aman from going inside. The cooker blasts. Everyone comes there. Ajooni save Aman. Bebe asks how did this happen? Ajooni says someone put this in the cooker. She asks Dolly.

Harvinder hits the man and asks him about all the information related to the teacher. He says he’s from Punjab. The took 5 lacs loan for their house. He’s not married. Shikha says who was the girl with him? He says she’s no his daughter. He explains them the whole story.

Bebe asks Dolly how did the cooker blast. Ajooni says she planned all this. She put this in it. Dolly says she’s lying. She is doing a drama. Ajooni slaps her and says enough. You could kill Aman today. if she went near do you know what would have happened. Bebe says you could harm herr child tool. Don’t you understand things. She says Rajveer punish him. Rajveer says there’s only solution, to kick her out of this house. He drags her out. Dolly says kick your wife out first. She said she wont’ take your name for 4 days. She should be puished first. Bebe says have some shame. Dolly says I am not wrong. His wife should also listen to him. Rajveer says have some shame. Rajveer says I am ashamed to call you my sister. She says I’ve no interest in calling you you brother either. At least Harvinder doesn’t roam around his wife wagging his tail. Rajveer is about to slap her. Ajooni stops him. She says i can’t tolerate this anymore. Because of me she could risk aman’s life. You do all this so I leave this house right? okay then I will leave this house.

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Ajooni packs her bags. Rajveer says what are you doing? She says this is better for everyone. He says what about me? Ajooni says you should have thought about it before announcing the punishment. He says I was helpless. Ajooni syas to keep your respect I am going. He says yyou wont’ go. Ajooni says dolly will plan something every day. She will have peace when I leave. I can’t risk everyone’s life for myself. He says okay then I will also go with you. We have promised to be with each other. Ajooni says papa ji has given you this responsibility. He says you’re also my responsibility. I only want you. Dolly will never change. Don’t worry about her. Please don’t go. He cries. Ajooni says why didn’t you tthink about this before punishing me. Don’t ever keep me away from yyou. I can’t live away from you. She hugs him and cries. Rajveer says anything for you.

Scene 2
Rawinder cooks kheer for Chiku. She asks when will yyou get my cycle? He says I will get it tonight for sure but eat first.
Rawinder asks Rajveer what kind of punishment was that? he asks Dolly when will you stop your dramas? he says to Rajveer I gave you this seat to make right decisions and you made these decisions. This Ajooni always stood with you and you gave her that punishment. He says now I will announce verdicts. Ajooni you wont’ go anywhere. He says you Dolly? You will soon sell your own dad in the market. You’re so blessed but you never invested in anything positive. I will punish you will remember it for life.

Episode ends

Precap-Rawinder asks Dolly to eat spices.