Ajooni 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer and Ajooni are blamed for trying to kill Ravindra


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Scene 1
Rajveer tells Ravindra that Tajendra wants to reconcile. Ravindra agrees to meet him tomorrow and ends the call. He tells the family that things are weird today, I will see what Tajendra is up to tomorrow.

Tajendra tells Amrit that I don’t feel good about the plan. Amrit says just change Ajooni’s laddos and then Ravindra will be killed by Rajveer.

In the morning, Rajveer, Ajooni and Tajendra come to Ravindra’s house. Rajveer says things will be okay now, we will all reconcile. Tajendra tells Ravindra that I am sorry for all the things, I promise to never go against you. He sits on his knees and says I just want your acceptance and I don’t need anything else. Ravindra asks him to get up, he says you said what you wanted to so you can leave now. Rajveer says but.. Ravindra says you agreed to talk and I did so you all can leave. Rajveer says don’t you want us all to live peacefully? Harvindar says what about this past antics? Rajveer says give him a chance, you did wrong in the past too. Harman asks Ravindra to give a chance to Rajveer. Ravindra says I can but I don’t trust Tajendra, he always plotted against us. Tajendra says Ajooni and Rajveer have changed us, I have realized my mistake. Please forgive me at their sake. Rajveer says I also want things to be normal between us all, please give us a chance. He says Ajooni brought laddos. She offers it to Ravindra and smiles at him. Ravindra blesses her. Ajooni gives laddos to the family. They are about to eat but Shanky says stop.. there are glass pieces in the laddos. All are shocked. Ravindra finds them and glares at Rajveer and Ajooni. He says you wanted to harm us? Tajendra asks Rajveer what is going on? he says I don’t know. Shanky says you are such a liar. Tajendra asks where did you get these from? Rajveer says Ajooni made those. Ajooni says why would I try to harm you people? Shanky says don’t be so innocent, it was all planned by you. You wanted to kill us all? Rajveer asks him to shut up otherwise.. Shanky says you did crime and now showing attitude. Rajveer tells Bebe that we didn’t do anything. Bebe says Ajooni made the laddos and she plotted all this. She tells Ravindra that this is their real faces. Rajveer says we are not lying. Shanky says I am sure they plotted all this. Tajendra asks him to shut up. Shanky says I am sure this Tajendra plotted this, he is about to slap him but Rajveer stops him and says he is my father now. Ravindra says I did a mistake by trusting Rajveer, he is a snake. I don’t let go of these things easily. He takes a sword but Harman tries to stop him. Harman asks Rajveer to leave but he says no.. I won’t leave till I prove my innocence. Harman begs Ajooni to take him away. She takes Rajveer from there. Ravindra tells Harman that no one won’t take Rajveer’s name in this house now, he is our enemy now. Shanky says I saved everyone today. Ravindra says what if you are involved in their team? what if you knew everything beforehand? how did you know about the laddos? It means you were part of the plan. Shanky says I know Tajendra and don’t trust him. Ravindra gives a laddo to Shanky and says we never break the laddos before eating. How did you find out there was glass in them? Shanky looks on.

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PRECAP – Amrit asks Ajooni to apologize but she says I didn’t do anything wrong. Tajendra says she is a liar and is about to slap her but Rajveer stops him and says don’t you dare raise hand on my wife. Till she is in this house, nobody dare try to harm her.