Ajooni 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Kaviri tries to tell the truth to Ajooni


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Scene 1
Tajendra asks Amrit how could Ajooni fool her? Kaviri comes there so Tajendra catches her. He says you are listening to us? you will tell Rajveer that he is not my son and Shanky is my real son? how will you tell him as you can’t speak. Kaviri makes his video mistakenly but he doesn’t notice it.

Dolly does Shanky’s aarti and gives her money. He says I can give more if you want. Dolly throws them at his face, she says don’t act like you are buying me. You don’t even know what I like. My real brothers already gifted me what I wanted. She hugs Rajveer. Rajveer thanks Ravindra for letting him do aarti and says I will leave now. He goes with Ajooni.

Kaviri comes to the mandir and prays to Mata Rani to save Rajveer and Ajooni. She sees the video in her phone and is shocked. She rushes to Ajooni and tries to hint her that she wants to talk to Rajveer. Ajooni says he went out. Kaviri shows her phone so Ajooni asks if she wants to show something? She takes the phone and says the battery is low so I have to charge it. She asks her to sit down but Kaviri panics. Ajooni goes to the kitchen. Kaviri plays the video but Amrit comes there and glares at her. She says how dare you record us? she snatches the phone from her. Ajooni comes there and Amrit mistakenly drops the phone. She says Kaviri was angry that you and Rajveer still don’t take us as a family. Rajveer hasn’t even gifted anything to Kaviri, he still thinks Harman is his mother. She drags Kaviri from there. Ajooni looks on and takes the phone.

Shanky tells Bebe that this Dolly has started insulting me too much. This life is worst here, Tajendra used to take care me better, I am working here as a servant. I will run away if things continue like this. Bebe slaps him hard and says you did mistakes and now threatening me? you embarrassed your father and now showing tantrum. She asks him to pick up trash he dropped. Shanky does it. Bebe says you are so stubborn, she leaves. Shanky says this woman is going out of hands.

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Ajooni looks at the phone that Kaviri gifted her. Rajveer comes there and says I am so happy, you took me to Dolly and she was so happy. I am also happy that Dolly put Shanky in place. He asks whose phone is this? Ajooni says Kaviri wanted to show me something but I went to the kitchen. When I came back, Amrit scolded her and took her away. Rajveer tries to turn on the phone but they hear Tajendra. Rajveer goes there. Tajendra says Kaviri broke my phone and lost it, I don’t even have money to buy a new one. Rajveer gives his phone back. Tajendra says Kaviri is angry that you both don’t accept us. I tried reconnecting with Ravindra but he never accepted me. Amrit says those people are cruel. Rajveer says we should move on. Tajendra says I just want Ravindra’s acceptance and love. Amrit says he will never do that. Rajveer says I will talk to him but promise me that you will move ahead and be nice right? Tajendra says sure. Rajveer says I will go with Ajooni. Amrit asks Ajooni to make laddos for them. She nods.

Shanky goes to Ravindra and brings his polished shoes. Ravindra says what are you up to now? Shanky says I am trying to change now. Ravindra says you think I am a fool? Bebe says don’t discourage him. Harvindar says give him a chance. Bebe says if he doesn’t change now then I will punish himself. Rajveer calls Ravindra and says I want to meet you. The good news is that Tajendra wants to reconnect with you and we can all reconcile.

PRECAP – Amrit replaces the laddos that Ajooni made for Ravindra and they are poisonous. Later on, Ajooni offers them to Ravindra.