Ajooni 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravindra takes Ajooni’s side against Bebe


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Scene 1
Rajveer asks Bebe why would she do all that? you are an elder and you insulted Ajooni and her mother like that? Bebe says she tried to steal our family necklace. Rajveer says I don’t believe that, even if you found the necklace in her bag, I don’t believe she stole it. He asks where is Ajooni? Aman says she went to her house. Bebe says she ran away after stealing. Ajooni comes there and says I didn’t run away. She tells Bebe that I am back to make you realize your mistake, what you did with my mom was worse than a death for her. What happened today has broken my mother but her daughter will never break, I promise on my upbringing that I will make you realize about your mistake and then you will have to wash her feet as an apology. Bebe glares at her but Ajooni leaves. Bebe shouts that won’t happen even in a dream.

Ajooni’s mother Neeru is crying so Subhash tells her that Ajooni will prove you innocent. He gets a call and says what? He turns on the TV and sees the reporter talking about Bagga family insulting their women. The clip shows Bebe applying color to Ajooni and Neeru. They are all shocked.

Ravindra watches the news and is angry. He asks Harsh to go and find out who gave this footage to the media.

Ravindra comes back home and is angry. He calls everyone there and asks Harman if Ajooni and her mother were insulted in their house today? Harman says because we found our family necklace in her mother’s bag. Ravindra says wow you people have started taking decisions and giving punishments withoug consulting me? Whose idea was it to punish them? Bebe tries to talk but Harman says it was my idea thinking he will praise her. Harman says she was stealing our family necklace so I got angry and wanted to teach her a lesson. Ravindra slaps her hard and says you are so ill-mannered and now my name has been maligned because of you. He shows them the news clip and says everyone is cursing me because of all this. He says someone recorded this clip and sent it to the news channel. Harman says it was not me but Bebe, she insulted her. Ravindra asks Bebe if she insulted their inlaws? how can you do this? why have you lost patience? Harsh calls Ravindra and says I investigated and found out that someone named Shikha gave the footage to the news channel. Ravindra ends the call and throws his phone in anger. Shikha comes there so he glares at her, he asks where were you? she says I went to meet my mom. Ravindra slaps her hard and says you went to destroy our honor right? He shows her the clip and you recorded this right? you gave it to the media. Shikha cries and says I didn’t do anything. Dolly smirks. Harman says only Shikha is not in the video so she must be behind all this. Ravindra says you are right, she was not in the recording. Ravindra tells Shikha that we can’t keep you here anymore so get lost from this house. Shikha shouts that you are throwing me out without any proof but you will pay for this, I will take revenge for this. She angrily leaves. Ravindra tells Bebe that see her real colors now. Bebe says Ajooni’s mother stole our family necklace so I punished her. Ajooni should be thrown out of the house for stealing from here. Rajveer comes there and says no one will throw Ajooni out of the house and if anyone tries to do that then that person has to face me first. Ravindra tells Bebe that you have to think about Rajveer before doing anything against Ajooni. Rajveer says if Shikha can plot all this then what’s the guarantee that Shikha was not behind framing Ajooni’s mother? Bebe says don’t try to protect your wife. Ravindra says no, think what Shikha did to destroy our image in the media so I am sure Shikha is behind all that. I can’t believe that Ajooni’s mother can steal, you might have become blind because of your wish for a heir. You can’t always be right. The women welfare team arrive there. Ravindra asks who are you? The woman says I am Sandhaya from the women welfare unit.

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PRECAP – Sandhaya tells Ravindra that we will give you another chance and we will stop our action against but you, your wife and your mother have to go and apologize to Ajooni’s mother. All look on. Later on Ravindra washes Neeru’s feet with milk while the media makes his video. Ravindra apologizes to Neeru.