Ajooni 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ajooni exposes Shikha

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Scene 1
Shikha is shocked. She says Ajooni? Ajooni says yes I am alive. Shikha says papa ji.. Ravinder says not a word anymore. You dared to play with the Bagga family with this illegitimate child. You will be punished. Even God can’t save you. He calls everyone downstairs at home and gives Harvidner the key. He says to bring 10 crores from the locker and bring it here. Bebe asks what’s going on? Harvinder rushes downstairs and says the money isn’t there. Someone stole it. Ravinder says oh God what will we do now? He says only you and I were there. I won’t steal my own money. So who could it be? So who’s left? You? Harvinder says I didn’t do it daddy ji. Ravinder says I have all the proofs. Tell everyone the truth. Bebe asks is this true? Never show me your face again. Harvinder says yes I stole. Everyone is shocked. He says but someone mugged me on the way. I don’t know who took it. Ravinder says this is how shameless it is. Ravinder says people only come for the Bagga family’s heads. He slaps Harvinder. Ravinder hits him and says when will you learn? It was farmers’ money. They work hard for their kids and kept their money with me. A thief like you steals it. You backstabbed them and your own dad.

Aman says papa ji please don’t hit him. Please I beg you. Ravinder says look at her. See her she’s still protecting you. She hides your sins like a mother. Let him go. He’s the animal who left you in the jungle so you get killed. Remove this sindur. He doesn’t deserve it. He hits Harvinder. Bebe stops him. Ravinder says do you think he’s behind all this? He doesn’t even have enough brains. Rajveer’s attack, Aman’s attack, and everything that was happening. You thought he could plan all of this? That wild woman, snake Shikha is behind all this. Everyone is shocked. Bebe says this si a misunderstanding. Ravinder says I will prove everything. He calls Rajveer in. Rajveer brings the goon.

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Ajooni takes off her makeup everyone is shocked to see it’s Ajooni. Ajooni says yes I had to pretend to expose Shikha. Shikha and Harsh planned everything. They attacked Rajveer and provoked him against me. Rajveer says and I try to kill Ajooni because of them. Thank God my memory came back to the farmhouse. I recalled Harsh attacking me. Ajooni says and when I came as Kamli I found Harsh and Shikha’s relationship. She shows them the video. Rajveer says I could show everything before but my bebe would have trusted her. So we made that entire 10 crore plan. He says yes Harvinder, I knew about money and we planned this with papa ji. Ajooni and I changed the bag you were taking of money. Ravinder says to Bebe you gave her billions worth of gold because she’s gonna give birth to an heir. The child in her womb isn’t Harvidner’s. That child is this Harsh’s illegitimate child. Everyone is shocked. He says Harvinder you were being cheated on all this time and you danced on her orders.

Harvinder asks Shikha if it’s true. He says to speak up. Rajveer says she won’t speak. He shows the sonography bills to them. He says I found Harsh in the hospital. His name is there in father’s name. Harman slaps Shiikha.

Episode ends

Precap-Harvinder punishes Shikha and Harsh and says keep ringing this bell or I will shoot you.