Ajooni 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravindra’s ditto copy is found by Shikha


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Scene 1
Harman and the family is preparing for Aman’s baby shower. Bebe says there should be a big celebration. Rajveer and Ajooni come there. Ajooni shows a gold set and Rajveer says I chose this for Aman. Ajooni says he is lying, I chose it. Aman asks them to stop fighting, she likes it. Bebe asks if Shikha got discharged? Rajveer says yes, we can’t forget what she did but we can at least forgive her. Ajooni says we just helped her to bring her on the right path. Bebe says I just don’t want her near our family. Harvindar comes there and says Rajveer is already doing that, he is about to destroy our lives. They keep giving her support so she can go against us. Rajveer says we can’t remove all worries by crushing it. Harvindar says she is a venomous snake so we should crush her. Harman says don’t talk about death. Harvindar says I want baby shower to go smoothly so I don’t want Rajveer and Ajooni to not be a part of it. All are shocked to hear that. Harman says why are you saying that? Harvindar says I have a right on my baby right? Bebe says yes, you have a right to take your decisions but you can’t give orders to Rajveer and Ajooni as they are our owners so they don’t need to follow you but you need to follow them. Harvindar says you all can trust Shikha but I am sure she is plotting against us.

Shikha tells her father that our plan might have failed but I have found a trump card that we can use against Bagga family.

Ajooni is getting ready when Dolly comes there, Ajooni asks her what should she wear in the event? Dolly gives her a suggestion and says you must have safe keys right? I need some money. Ajooni asks how much money? she says I need 50K. Ajooni says why do you need so much money? I am sorry for asking but I am answerable for every penny so I can’t give you that money without having a solid reason so you need to tell me why you need 50K? Dolly says I thought you did so much for us so I shouldn’t be bitter with you but you have such a big ego. I was happy when you got the ownership of the house but you are just harsh with me, you might have got the power but you are still a cheap girl and jealous of me. Just give me the keys and let me take the money. Rajveer comes there and asks if something is going on? Dolly says I asked for some money but she is not giving it. Ajooni says 50K is a lot. Rajveer says what? why do you need that kind of money? She says I want to go to a club with my friends. Rajveer says you won’t get any money for this. He goes away with Ajooni. Dolly is angry and says I have to do something about this Ajooni.

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Scene 2
Harvindar is drinking and recalls how he was insulted because of Rajveer, how family is taking Rajveer’s side only. He gets a message that he deserves that throne as an elder son and they can help him so he should come out and they will help him.

Harvindar comes out of the house and a beggar gives him a tip to go on an address. Harvindar goes and looks around. He finds a car there and starts driving on the road.

The family is decorating the house, Ajooni tells Bebe that she has decorated the swing for baby. Bebe says come with me to take some money from the safe for tomorrow. She leaves. Dolly comes there and tempers with the swing. She says I will teach a lesson to this Ajooni.

Harvindar comes to an address and finds Shikha there. He gets angry seeing her and says its good that you called me here so I will kill you. He strangles her but she shows him a picture and he stops. He asks what is this? Shikha says this is a trump card that will get you a throne. Your dream is getting that throne and my dream is earning money.. this trump card can help us both so lets have a deal? Harvindar looks on and shakes hands with her. Shikha smirks.

In the morning, Harvindar comes to meet Shikha in the market. He says why did you call me here? Shikha says I will show you the trump card, he comes to this market at this time only. They all turn around to see a man resembling Ravindra. Shikha says its not Ravindra, his name is Giyaneshwar, he is a teacher. Giyaneshwar gets chased by a dog and runs around. Harvindar says he looks just like Ravindra. Shikha says its time to take the throne from Rajveer, you will get it and Ajooni will be thrown out of the house. Harvindar looks on.

PRECAP – The baby shower starts, Aman sits in the swing and Ajooni is about to swing it. Harman says she has the last turn. Dolly sees the swing is about to break and smirks.