Ajooni 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer comes back as Pathan


Ajooni 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Bebe cries for Ravindra and says everything is finished for us. Amrit says you made us pay for nothing but now you will pay for your deeds. Some guests are coming and you will have to entertain them. Bebe says I won’t. Amrit says this is my house now and you will do as I say, I am a queen here. There will be some dancers in the party which you never liked but you will dance to my tunes now. Bebe says I will die before doing that. Amrit says it will be fun killing Ravindra. Bebe says don’t do that, Amrit says you have 5 minutes.

Amrit comes to Ravindra and says you are immobile but I want to show you that we will have dance parties in this house now. I will make someone dance to my tunes. She calls Bebe there who is wearing ghungroos. Ravindra is angry seeing all that. Amrit asks Bebe to start dancing and entertain her guests. Bebe starts dancing like a cheap dancer. Ravindra is helpless seeing all that. Bebe falls down but Harman rushes to her. Amrit says she taunted me by calling me characterless but now she is dancing like a characterless woman. Harman says you should be ashamed of doing all this. Amrit pushes her away and says who will entertain my guests now? She says maybe Dolly can dance for us. Bebe cries and says please no but Amrit asks her to dance. She points gun at Ravindra and asks Dolly to dance. Dolly starts dancing while Bebe and Harman cry.

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The servant comes to Ajooni and tells her everything that’s happening in Ravindra’s house. Ajooni takes the gun and says I will have to teach them lesson now.

Scene 2
Shanky and Tajendra come to the bar. They are both drinking and enjoying. Tajendra says this is my celebratory drink. Shanky says you and Amrit plotted everything so nicely. Tajendra says Amrit is making Bebe dance. Shanky says we should make Ajooni dance too. Ajooni comes there and points gun at him, she tells him that I am alive and I won’t you all win. I will do anything to take revenge of Rajveer’s death. Tajendra is scared as Ajooni is about to shoot but Rajveer comes there and stops her. He is in another get up. He pushes her down and she faints. Shanky asks who is he? He says I am Pathan and I just came out of the jail. He says give me money for saving your life. He points gun at him and says I want money and then I will leave, don’t make me angry. Tajendra says you have done a good job and I can give you a job in my house. You will get so much money. Rajveer/Pathan says I accept, I only work for money. He says I will take care of this girl as I work for you now. They all leave. Rajveer picks up Ajooni and takes her from there.

PRECAP – Ajooni wakes up in Ravindra’s house and Shanky tells her that she will serve them like a servant. Ajooni says I will punish you for what you did. Shanky is about to shoot her but Rajveer stops him.