Ajooni 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Giyaneshwar is confused about Ravindra’s character

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Scene 1
Giyaneshwar comes back home. Harman is worried and asks where did he go? My marriage is breaking at this age, how could you cheat me? She asks Rajveer to teach her a lesson. Giyaneshwar asks whats going on? Harman says I know about your affair. He says you mean my guru? That person is close to me. Harman says Shika? He says no no.. she was lost so I just helped her, she is like my daughter. Rajveer scolds Dolly for starting all this. She apologises to Ravindra.

Jagraj tells Ravindra that he has to eat to live. Ravindra says if Rajveer comes here to find me then he wont spare you. Jagraj says your family is in trouble and you can’t do much.

Bebe comes back home and says Harvindar helped me a lot in the mandir. They all sit to have dinner. Harman brings non-veg but Giyaneshwar asks for beg food and claims he has acidity. He starts praying and all are confused. He says I am praying to consume this food. Chanku brings water and mistakenly slips and throws water at Giyaneshwar. Rajveer says be careful. Giyaneshwar says its okay. Harvindar glares at him so he says Chanku will be punished. He takes a stick and hits her hand. Ajooni says please stop but he says I am punishing her. Ajooni says you always do justice, she did a genuine mistake. He asks her to leave and goes from there.

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Giyaneshwar apologies to Lord and says Ravindra is an animal.

Ajooni applies balm to Chanku’s hand. Giyaneshwar says why did you keep letting me hit you? Chanku says I respect you a lot, you have done so much for me. Giyaneshwar asks if Ravindra is a bad man and destroyed many lives? Ajooni says no no.. you have helped so many people, workers keep prayers for you. Chanku says this city takes him as a God. Giyaneshwar gives medicine to Chanku and apologises. Giyaneshwar is confused about Ravindra.

Giyaneshwar comes to meet Shikha and says I heard from the family that Ravindra is good man, all city people praise him. Harvindar asks him to shut up. Giyaneshwar says you both are using me. I can’t do this anymore. Shikha says then give me the money we paid for Cheeko’s admission. He says I can’t do that. Shikha says then keep working for us.

Precap – Giyaneshwar tells the family that he wants to start a school in the house and Ajooni will be their teacher. All are confused hearing that.