Ajaz Khan on being behind bars for 26 months


Ajaz Khan on being behind bars for 26 months

Ajaz Khan, who recently stepped out of Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail after serving a 26-month sentence in a drug case, considers it nothing short of a “miracle.” The actor was detained by the NCB at Mumbai airport in connection with the case in 2021 and subsequently arrested in March of the same year. The actor talked about it in a recent interview and shared, “Every day felt like a year inside the jail. I don’t want to comment on the person who filed the case against me (referring to Sameer Wankhede), and the world is witnessing the events surrounding him. I wish him good luck. I was presumed guilty even before the verdict was pronounced. Although I was eventually granted bail by the Supreme Court, I spent 26 months in jail, missing out on work and the precious moments of my son’s upbringing.”

Describing the harsh realities of life in jail, Ajaz reveals, “Arthur Road jail is perhaps one of the most overcrowded prisons in the world, with 3,500 inmates occupying a space meant for 800 prisoners. Imagine the condition of a toilet shared by 400 people! I experienced anxiety and depression during my time there. It was challenging, but I had to persevere for the sake of my family, which includes my 85-year-old father, wife, and son. I encountered many individuals, including former state home minister Anil Deshmukh, Sanjay Raut, Armaan Kohli, Aryan Khan, and Raj Kundra, during my stay. I wouldn’t wish this upon even my worst enemy. Initially, I refused to meet my son because I didn’t want him to see me in prison. However, after six months, I decided to meet him so that he could hear my story from me and develop resilience for the world. He is doing well now and excelling as a talented footballer.”

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Ajaz has written a book about his jail experience, intending to shed light not only on his own story but also on the plight of the 3,500 prisoners. He plans to adapt it into a web series and will approach studios soon, with the condition that he plays himself in the series. He believes that real ex-prisoners should be cast in such a show to accurately depict their true struggles.

Looking ahead, Ajaz expresses his desire to return to work with a meaningful role. Having previously worked with renowned stars in the South, he intends to reach out to them for opportunities, confident that they will offer him something worthwhile.

Determined to avoid controversies, Ajaz emphasizes his commitment to his family and work. He states, “I don’t want to get involved in controversies. I have a son to raise and a father to take care of; my first responsibility is towards my family. I have become more God-fearing, humble, and non-judgmental.”

It’s worth noting that Ajaz Khan has had a few encounters with the law in the past, including allegations of sending lewd messages to a model in 2016 and being in possession of banned drugs in 2018. However, he asserts that the accusations were unfounded and aimed at tarnishing his image. He also mentions an arrest in 2019 for posting an objectionable comment on social media, learning from these experiences, and vowing to refrain from expressing his opinions on social platforms.