Agnisakshi 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Satvik gets badly injured


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The Episode starts with Satvik asking Jeevika if she likes him. She says no. He says you loves me. He asks shall I go home? She asks him not to go. Satvik says if I don’t go then how I will come. Pallavi is keeping the money and thinks it is good that she withdraw it. Jeevika comes there and takes a bundle and asks from where you got it. Pallavi says Satvik gave her. Jeevika says Satvik thinks from his heart and tells that if she returns then also he will not take it, and says that’s why she will make its FD for Jhanvi’s future studies. She asks Pallavi if she has hidden something more from her and says she will not bear anything against Satvik.

Satvik tells Shlok and Manas about Jeevika’s refusal. Manas and Shlok smiles. Shlok says we shall get your accident done. Satvik says I want to live. Shlok asks him to imagine and says she will come running to him knowing about his accident. Manas says I will take guarantee. He asks him to do as they say.

Rajnandini thinks Lata is after her, like a ghost. Lata comes there and asks her to choose a guy and leave from the house. Rajnandini says I will not leave from the house. Satvik is going in a hurry and tells Rajnandini that he will talk to her later. Rajnandini stops Shlok and asks where you are going and says I hope there is no big secret. Shlok says we are in urgency. He says we have plan something so that Jeevika confesses that she loves him a lot. Rajnandini asks how? Shlok says on knife point. He goes.

Jhanvi comes to Swara and asks her about the achievers. Swara explains to her.

Shlok and Manas are waiting outside. Shlok asks her to practice to stab himself fakely. Satvik says Jeevika will identify the sauce. Shlok shows the dummy knife and says I tried many times, don’t worry. Manas says we will call Jeevika. Shlok asks Satvik to lie down and gives him sauce. Manas says he will call. Swara comes to Jeevika and tells about Satvik’s attack. Jeevika is on the way. Juhi calls Jeevika and tells her that it was Manas and Shlok’s plan to bring you closer to Satvik, so that concern and love grow in your heart. She calls her foolish and ends the call. Jeevika calls swara and scolds her. She says first I will meet the mastermind Satvik. Swara calls Satvik to inform him that Jeevika knew about their plan, but Satvik’s phone is unreachable.

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Satvik is waiting for Jeevika and says this sauce is stinking, and says don’t know how many papads shall be rolled. Just then the goon attacks Satvik with a knife. Satvik beats him, but the goon stabs him repeatedly and runs away. Jeevika comes there calling Satvik. Satvik calls her. Jeevika says it is a limit to joke and says you didn’t think before cracking this joke. She says we shall celebrate and says what was the need to fool an already foolish girl. Satvik turns and Jeevika sees blood on his stomach.

Jeevika shouts for help and cries, and thinks what to do? The goon calls Rajnandini and says the work is done. Rajnandini says you will get your money. She says she benefitted from Manas and Shlok’s plan, and says first Utkarsh is gone and then Satvik. She says I will kill everyone when the right time comes, as I am the blessing and curse too. Jeevika asks Satvik not to close his eyes. Shlok and Manas come there. Shlok asks Satvik to get up and says Bhabhi has come. Manas asks him not to act. Jeevika says someone has stabbed him, he is not acting. The

Precap: Doctor tells that Satvik’s operation is successful, and tells that next 24 hours are successful. Maayi tells Jeevika that Satvik is her destiny. Jeevika saves Satvik when the nurse attempts to give him poisoned injection.