Agnisakshi 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika returns with Maayi


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The Episode starts with Satvik telling Aadhya that he will have food after Jeevika returns, then they will have food together. He goes. Aadhya cries. Shlok comes there and asks why is she crying? Aadhya say why this is happening with Bhaiyya. Shlok says God must have chosen Vahini, as he was missing good people like her. Aadhya asks if there is any news about her. Shlok says Police didn’t find her dead body, but they believe she is no more. He says I don’t believe in this. Aadhya says I really miss her.

Pradeep and Swara asks Sukanya to have food. Swara says if you don’t have food then how you will have medicines. Sukanya says she is finding difficult to take breath. Pradeep says we haven’t lost her, and that she will return. He says I agree with Satvik. Swara says not just us, even Jiju is waiting for her. Pradeep says even Aai is waiting for her. Sukanya cries.

Satvik enquires with someone if he finds about Jeevika and scolds him. Manas asks him to have food. Satvik refuses and tells that he has to go to PS and meet private detective too. Manas asks until when you will ignore your health. Satvik says everything will be fine, once Jeevika returns. Manas asks him to accept that Jeevika might not return. Satvik says you can leave the hope, but not me. He says Jeevika will come for me surely and says we have taken swear witnessing the fire, that we will live and die together. He says I am alive, so she is also alive. He asks him not to disturb him and says detective call came.

Juhi talks to Rajnandini and says the celebration would have been great if you were here. She asks until when Sundari will stay here. Rajnandini says something. Juhi asks what? Sundari says Madam sent me to stay here forever, and says Madam went on a secret mission to Bangalore, and says she has asked me to keep eye on you, may be you do some mistake. She says I don’t know what you eat or drinks. Juhi says ok.

Satvik couldn’t sleep in night and recalls his moments with Jeevika. Agnisakshi song plays….Satvik asks where are you Jeevika, you are late and says Police are having misunderstanding, they didn’t know that you are playing hide and seek. He says I know you want to surprise me and asks her to come. He thinks I can’t sleep here, we can’t separate until we love each other. We both love each other a lot and I will continue searching you. He says you have to return for me, as Satvik doesn’t know how to live without Jeevika. He recalls their moments and cries. Satvik asks God to do some miracle and bring Jeevika back.

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Sukanya tells Swara that she will not light diya infront of Krishna God, on this janmasthami even if he gets angry on me. She says I am angry on him and he didn’t bring Jeevika to cheer me up. She says why shall I do something for him, and asks why to do his puja. Swara asks her not to cry. Jhanvi says I have prayed to God to return Aatya and she used to tell that God doesn’t refuse children’s prayers. Sukanya hugs Jhanvi and cries.

Satvik is getting temple decorated for Janmasthami and asks Servant to bring flowers. Lata says until you overcome this pain, don’t do it unwillingly. Satvik says I am doing this willingly and says Jeevika used to believe in puja and used to say that I am her Krishna, so she can’t be away from me. Shlok feels bad for him. Aadhya says Bhaiyya is not ready to accept that Vahini will not come back. They cry. Lata says don’t know until when God will take this family’s test.

Sundari asks why you are celebrating? Juhi says if being happy is not enough. Sundari says everyone is sad. Juhi says Satvik is sad, I don’t need to shed my precious tears. Sundari asks how did this happen, how did Jeevika fell down from the mountain cliff herself. Juhi says who told you that she has fallen down by herself, and says she is punished for her sin. She says she feels bad for Satvik, as he will be hopeful all life that Jeevika will come and he will die every day. She smiles.

Maayi comes to Savitri Nivas. Sundari stops her. Satvik asks Sundari to let her come. Maayi says she has brought message for him, from the God and says God has accepted your prayers. Satvik gets hopeful and says that means you didn’t come alone here. Maayi asks someone to come here. Jeevika comes there. Everyone gets surprised and happy seeing her. Sundari and Juhi gets shocked. Satvik reminisces his marriage with her and gets emotional seeing her. Jeevika steps inside the house. Satvik hugs Jeevika and asks where was you, you have scared me so much. Jeevika pushes him and asks who are you? Satvik is shocked.

Precap: Shlok asks why Bhabhi is not recognizing Bhaiyya. Maayi tells her that God has returned Jeevika, but snatched her memory. She says she doesn’t identify even herself and don’t know her own name either.