Agnisakshi 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajnandini’s plan is foiled


Agnisakshi 5th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Rajnandini thinking that neither Satvik nor Jeevika is picking the call. She says we shall pick them from Jeevika’s home. Aadhya says she don’t think that they will come. Shlok is about to tell her, but Manas says that they said that they will reach resort directly. Satvik enjoys the tea and tells Jhanvi that it is good. Jeevika says she doesn’t have the kitchen like Jaanu. Swara gets message that they have left. She asks Satvik to have something and go, as they are getting late. She gives him thermas and says this drink shall be drank only by Satvik. Satvik and Jeevika come out. Jeevika sits in the car. She sees a speedy car towards Satvik, and saves him. She hugs him and asks him to atleast think about him. She hugs him. He sees the musicians playing guitar. Shlok and Manas think about Satvik. Juhi comes there and asks what are they talking about? Shlok says they don’t want to tell him and make the secret public. Juhi says she has hidden many secrets in her heart. Rajnandini takes her to side and asks her not to tell anything to anyone and let the buried secrets be buried. Satvik calls Shlok and asks where is he? Shlok tells that they are in resort and lied so that he can spend time with Jeevika. Manas asks him to get romantic as only lucky people get such a time to spend honeymoon at home. Satvik feels shy and scolds them.

Jeevika asks what happened, why is he feeling shy. Satvik scolds them for making him poppat and asks what I will tell Jeevika now. Manas asks them to enjoy and let them spend good time. Jeevika coughs. Satvik gives her juice which Swara gave, and she drinks fully. Manas tells Shlok that they made a good plan, and Swara emotionally blackmail him to drink fully. Satvik tells Jeevika that she should have left something. She says it was made by my mother. Jeevika asks why we didn’t go to resort. Satvik makes an excuse. Jeevika asks why did you bring me to the empty house, we were good at Aai’s house. Satvik says he didn’t know. Jeevika gets drowsy, and smiles. He scolds her for not taking care of herself and asks her to go and sleep. Rajnandini calls goons/robber and tells that the way is cleared.

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The robber hits the watchman and calls Rajnandini. Rajnandini asks him to steal anything which he suspects to be pendrive, and says the pendrive can be anything and in shape. The robber appreciates her. Juhi appreciates her plan. Rajnandini says she thinks so forward then stops so that God don’t think that if he is God or me. Satvik comes to the room and finds blanket on the bed. He pulls it and doesn’t see jeevika there. Rajnandini thinks they didn’t reach till now and asks Aadhya/Shlok. She asks Aadhya to pick Swara’s call. Shlok tells her that Satvik and Jeevika are at their house. Manas says so that they can spend some time. Rajnandini gets angry on them for spoiling her plan. Satvik looks for Jeevika. Rajnandini says I planned this since a long time and you didn’t tell me. Shlok says we have no problem to tell you, but had problem with someone else. Rajnandini asks them to call them here, and says Papa will feel bad if he comes to know. Manas says Uncle knows everything and he is happy. He asks Aadhya to play the song. Jeevika pulls Satvik towards her. He sees her wearing nighty and asks who gave her this? Jeevika says swara gave her this. Satvik asks why she is saying in low tone and tells that there is nobody at home. Jeevika says then I shall take advantage of this loneliness.

Precap: Satvik and Jeevika dance while she is in bhang influence.