Agnisakshi 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajnandini plans resorts outing to steal pendrive


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The Episode starts with Rajnandini telling Juhi that first Satvik and then this Guru ji. She tells that Mr. Rao gave a pendrive to Jeevika and tells that she wants it from her. Juhi says if we ask her, then she might give us. Rajnandini says she has talked to her, but Jeevika doesn’t remember about it. She says we have to get it anyhow. Juhi says their room is never empty. Rajnandini tells that they want someone professional to go there and get the pendrive. Rajnandini asks Jeevika what Guru ji said. Jeevika says he was alerting me about the upcoming danger. Rajnandini tells her that he doesn’t know from where he will get dal roti, and he will predict our future? She says he is an imposter, baba believes him else I wouldn’t have let him enter the house. She tells her that she has surprise for everyone. Jeevika serves icecream to everyone. Rajnandini tells everyone that she has booked resort for their outing. Everyone get happy. Manas and Shlok think of a plan and get happy. Satvik and Jeevika tease each other. Rajnandini thinks she has done this for herself, and says you will know after going from here.

Swara calls Jeevika and tells that someone is upset and wants to talk to her. Jeevika asks her to make her talk to her. Jhanvi is on call and says you have forgotten me. Jeevika says she didn’t forget her. Jhanvi asks why did I call you. Jeevika says you have fancy dress competition in your school. Jhanvi says yes, and asks her to come there and make the dress. Jeevika says she will send her dress. Jhanvi asks her to come there and tells that she will give her inputs. She ends the call. Later Jeevika keeps her mattresses on the floor. Satvik reminds her about morning conversation. Jeevika says you said that you want to sleep…He stops her and says not that. She keeps the blankets and asks him to sleep first. Satvik says first you. They argue. Satvik says we shall lie down together. They sit on the bed. Satvik says if you are uncomfortable then we shall keep the pillows between us. She says it is a bed and not border. He says nice sarcasm. She says I have learnt this from you. They lie down on the bed to sleep.

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Juhi tells Rajnandini that she is not ready to spend time with the people in the resort and asks what is her plan? Rajnandini says somewhere else will happen something. Juhi asks where? Rajnandini calls someone and says tomorrow night plan is final. Manas and Shlok talk to each other and says it will be fun there.

In the morning, Satvik wakes up and finds his leg on Jeevika’s leg and moves his leg. Jeevika is still sleeping. He thinks if Jeevika had woke up first then what could be his respect, if she had found his leg on her. Jeevika wakes up. He pretends to be sleeping. Jeevika says he is looking more cute while sleeping and touches his forehead. She thinks it is good that he is sleeping like crocodile else what he would have thought about her. Satvik pulls her hair to tease her. Jeevika thinks he is sleeping and will not pull my hair. Satvik smiles. Jeevika thinks what I am thinking, and goes. Satvik gets up and says she called me crocodile and then said cute too. He gets happy.

Jeevika comes to the hall and gives medicines to Narayan. She sees her designs there. Aadhya says bhaiyya showed us these designs. Satvik says your designs are super. Narayan says she is multi talented. Juhi tells that Savitri silks will be Jeevika silks. Rajnandini says it is not true. Satvik tells Narayan that he feels that Jeevika shall present her designs to clients. Rajnandini and jeevika say no. Rajnandini says the clients can degrade her, which is not good for her. Narayan says next time Jeevika will present the designs.

Precap: Jeevika drinks bhang and dances with Satvik in the house.