Agnisakshi 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update


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Pradeep asks Lata how did Utkarsh go alone? Jeevika says even I was thinking the same and says Dada doesn’t go even on the terrace. Rajnandini says she don’t want him to get worried hearing this. Satvik says not just us, even you shall know this. Shlok asks how we will find out. Satvik says CCTV footage. Juhi gets shocked. Rajnandini looks at her. Swara tells Aadhya that Pradeep dada is right. Aadhya says who might have taken him. Juhi comes there and collides with Aadhya. She starts scolding her to change her way seeing her. Swara gives her a fitting reply and asks her to relax and take a child pill. Shlok says there is no movement during the two hours. Pradeep notices and tells them that 1 hour footage is missing. Shlok says how can the footage go missing. Pradeep says someone has deleted it. Satvik says someone knew that we can see the footage. Pradeep says and has deleted it. Rajnandini tells Juhi that she has saved her and deleted the footage, else Satvik would have thrown you like throwing out from the office. Juhi says I have no personal enmity with Utkarsh and says I did it for you. Rajnandini asks her not to do anything.

Later Juhi is leaving from the house. Jeevika asks her where is she going, but Juhi pushes her and makes her fall down. Narayan talks to Utkarsh and tells him that he couldn’t understand Satvik and Shlok, and doesn’t know how to handle everything, but thanks to Rajnandini, she has connected the family, and Jeevika made this house as home. Lata closes the door and asks Juhi how dare she to touch the house bahu. Jeevika says it is my mistake, I questioned her so much, and that’s why Juhi got angry. Juhi says she doesn’t need her favor. Lata says you are not thankful to her for saving her. Juhi says my friends are waiting for me. Lata asks her to go and enjoy, but don’t return here. Jeevika says Mausi. Juhi says she is this house bahu Rajnandini’s sister. Lata says you are not the daughter of the house that we will bear your tantrums. She says I will ask Bhao ji to throw you out, as you go daily in night and return in morning. She says I will tell him that you will spoil Aadhya, then what he will do. She asks her to decide if she wants to stay at home or leave. Juhi calls Rajnandini, but she doesn’t pick the call. She thinks she couldn’t go due to jeevika and thinks to teach her a lesson, so that she thinks many times, before questioning her.

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Lata asks Jeevika, what is the need to hear taunts from Juhi, and says you are elder than her in every way. Jeevika says I care for Juhi as when I got married to Satvik, I got connected to everyone in the house, whether it is Aadhya, Shlok or Juhi.

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