Agnisakshi 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update

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Agnisakshi 27th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Rajnandini coming to Satvik. Satvik asks if Papa is fine? She says I wish that I had a magical stick using which I make everything possible. She tells Satvik that she is also responsible for this situation and says I wish Udkarsh and I….Satvik says my marriage is not happening due to my wish, I will be marrying for my Papa, and then says it will be for me. She says his dream will be mine. Rajnandini says I should have asked you about Jeevika first, and says she doesn’t have any other way out, Papa’s stubbornness didn’t let me think. She says I think that I should have asked you once. Satvik says if you had asked me then I would have said no. He says marriage will be arrangement for me, and says I will never ask you why you chose jeevika for me, but I have a condition.

Jeevika gains consciousness and asks Vahini, why everyone left without meeting me. Pallavi says you need rest now and says if you speak less then it is good for me, then says for you and all of us. She says I asked them to go home and rest, and says I am enough to take care of you. Jeevika asks when they will discharge me, I can take rest at home. Pallavi says lets go now itself. Jeevika is about to get up. Pallavi says they said that they will give discharge if everything is fine. Jeevika says some doctors were searching my file. Pallavi says your file is with the big doctor. Jeevika says even Dada was searching the file for medicines. Pallavi asks her to rest her mouth. Jeevika says I have a question and says I tried to remember, but can’t remember. She asks who is that guy who brought me here, and where is he now? Pallavi asks why, you are asking about him. Jeevika says for bringing me here, and for saving my life. Pallavi recalls blackmailing Rajnandini and gets up. She asks how did you know that he saved your life, and says if your accident happened because of him. Jeevika says no and tells that she had collided with him and managed herself. She says I fell down due to the water on the floor, and says it was not his fault. Pallavi thinks if Satvik’s Bhabhi comes to know about this, then she will not get her married to Satvik and will not go from our lives. She tells him that she shall not talk about her accident or that guy, as her accident gave them much pain. Jeevika recalls seeing him and thinks he saved my life, who was he?

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Satvik says my condition is that, she shall know that I am marrying her, but I love Supriya and will continue to love her. Rajnandini asks what you are saying? Satvik says she shall know that this marriage is for few months or for a year, and he is doing this for his father, and he don’t want any rituals. Rajnandini tells that he is wrong as the marriage is every girl’s dream. Satvik says I can’t lie to anyone. She asks if you don’t want a happily married life. He says he used to think until Supriya was in his life. Shlok asks Juhi and Aadhya who is Jeevika? He says until now we didn’t know anything about her, suddenly her marriage gets fixed with Satvik and everyone agrees. Rajnandini gets up and says she will tell Papa that this marriage can’t happen. She says nobody has the right to make fun of your dreams, and says I thought your life will be better after marriage, but I am scared that your marriage will ruin your marriage. She says I will get sometime from Papa and will search Supriya. Satvik says she went intentionally from my life. He says papa can’t give you time, as he doesn’t have it. He says Papa’s happiness is what all that matters to me.

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