Agnisakshi 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika reveals her plan to Narayan


Agnisakshi 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Jeevika making Satvik having some sweets. Suprita gets angry and asks what is going on? Shall I play? Shlok says game ended as you came. Supriya says I will help Jeevika to make food. Satvik says I have problem and tells there are many people in the kitchen. He says Jeevika and I will clean the kitchen and asks them to go. Supriya asks why you will clean and asks him to ask Servants to clean the floor. Satvik says someone told me that we shall do our work, by the time we call for help, we will finish doing the work. Narayan comes there. Aadhya hugs him and says I missed you so much. She hugs him. Juhi asks Rajnandini if she knows that he is coming? Rajnandini says no and tells that she didn’t want him to come. Jeevika takes Narayan’s blessings and says she will make tea for him. Juhi says something is wrong. Rajnandini says surely.

Rajnandini tells Narayan that Satvik’s friend Supriya has come to stay for few days. Narayan nods his head and goes to freshen up. Satvik asks if anyone knew that Papa is coming. Jeevika says I knew but…Rajnandini asks why you didn’t tell. Jeevika says Baba didn’t want me to tell anyone. At the dining table, Jeevika asks Supriya to sit beside Satvik. Supriya is about to sit, but Satvik stops her and says it is Jeevika’s place and asks her to have food sitting at some other chair. Juhi and Rajnandini talk that Narayan haven’t reacted anything. Aadhya tells Narayan that they have made food with Jeevika. Satvik says they have messed up the kitchen. Shlok and Aadhya tease Satvik for impressing Jeevika. Jeevika gets teary eyes. Narayan sees her in tears.

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Shlok comes to Satvik and says Papa didn’t react or say anything seeing Supriya. Satvik says he feels strange. Jeevika comes to Supriya and gives her saree which Satvik had brought for her. Supriya says she is happy to get her thing. Jeevika says you will get everything what is yours. Supriya says she wants everything, whatever is of Jeevika also. Jeevika is emotional as her journey is coming to end here. Satvik comes there. jeevika says she is preparing for his birthday. He asks what? Jeevika says gift will be beautiful and special. Satvik says I will keep the clock hands forward. Jeevika says if they can play with clock hands, then she would have lived with him all life.

Rajnandini asks Narayan if he is worrying for business or home. He says no. Jeevika comes there and keeps the tray. Narayan says he wants to talk to Jeevika and goes. Rajnandini comes behind Jeevika and asks her not to do mistake like always, and asks her to make sure to have food. Jeevika says ok. Narayan takes jeevika from there. Rajnandini thinks what he is upto something. Narayan tells Jeevika that she don’t need to do this and shall not leave the house. Jeevika says if you think then will understand that Supriya shall be in Satvik’s life. Satvik asks Rajnandini why Papa haven’t reacted. Narayan tells Jeevika that he has ruined 3 lives due to his stubbornness. Jeevika says this is our destiny. She says it was not in my hands to meet Satvik, but it is in my hands to go away from him. She says if I leave, then they will come closer.

Episode ends.