Agnisakshi 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Agnisakshi 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Rajnandini tells that she wants the night to be memorable for Satvik. Juhi asks if she will do anything. Rajnandini says Jeevika will do, if it is breaking Satvik’s heart or ruining his dreams. Jeevika returns home. Rajnandini asks why is she shattered. She apologizes to Jeevika and says I was wrong to ask you to leave, as you can’t become a mother. She says even I can’t become a mother, may be I was telling all this for myself. She asks can you forgive me, forgetting everything. Jeevika asks why you are apologizing to me, when I have no happiness in my destiny. Rajnandini says everything will be fine and happen as I thought. She hugs her and smirks.

Satvik comes to Jeevika and asks if you will come with me tonight. Jeevika nods her head in agreement. Satvik says secondly, I got this gift made for you specially. Jeevika checks the saree and says it is good. He says I will message you the address and then we will meet there directly. Jeevika nods her head. Satvik goes. Jeevika calls someone and says I want to talk to you. Satvik calls Shlok, Swara and Manas. Manas asks him not to worry as he taught him love lesson. Satvik says that’s why I am scared. He asks if Jeevika left from home. Shlok says yes. Manas tells him that for the first time, he is not with him in this test. He asks him to go and start family life with Jeevika. Satvik says he is just waiting for Jeevika’s approval, and then see what he will do. Rajnandini applies nail polish and says it will dry in sometime, but what about the tears which will roll down from Satvik and Jeevika’s tears. She says if Jeevika agrees then she will be guilty that she can’t become a mother, and if she refuses then Satvik’s heart is broken. Jeevika reaches the place where the saree gifted by Satvik. She hears Satvik’s voice telling that what dream to show to the angel who has seen it. He comes infront of her, and tells that it is her dream which is fulfilled today. He says dreams shall be fulfilled.

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Precap: Satvik says that angel wanted such a proposal where there is moon and moonlight too, where there is 7 colors. He opens the jar and the fire flies come out of it. He proposes love to Jeevika and says I love you. Jeevika gets touched.