Agnisakshi 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika finds out the secret of Savitri’s death


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The Episode starts with Lata asking Juhi to leave and says it is enough that you had free food here, and says I will leave her on the footpath today. Jeevika asks Lata to forgive Juhi. Lata says I will see how her Didi will save her. Jeevika tells Lata that Juhi has relation with this house, as she is grown up here, and tells that I know you will understand as you have a daughter. Lata says I will leave her, because of your goodness, and says Juhi is a naagin and will bite some day. She goes from there. Jeevika asks Juhi to go to her room and says you must be tired. Sundari says we will not get some dramebaaz even on Tiktok. Jeevika comes to Satvik and says where Juhi will stay alone, and says sorry to him. Satvik says I am not angry on you, but on Juhi. He says I am surprised that she is Bhabhi’s sister. He praises Rajnandini to be caring, compassionate, sensitive, God fearing and takes all the family with her. He says we have to tell Bhabhi about Juhi.

Jeevika comes to Lata. Lata says you told me about my daughter, and that’s why I left her. Lata says if you had accepted me as your mother, then wouldn’t have asked her. Jeevika says I didn’t want my mother to do any mistake and then regret later. She says if I didn’t regard you as my mother then wouldn’t have made your favorite bhaji and wouldn’t have tickle you. She tickles her. Lata laughs and sits on the sofa. She tells Jeevika that she reminds her of her Tai/Savitri and says she used to be same like her. She says she will never forgive that butcher who killed her. Jeevika says who has killed her? Lata says let the past be in past. Jeevika insists to know. Lata tells her that only Narayan and I know about this and asks her not to tell anyone. Jeevika swears that she will not tell anyone. Lata says it was an ordinary appendix operation, but the drunkard doctor didn’t think that due to his carelessness, a smiling face will die and her photo will be hanged on the wall. She tells that during the enquiry, it was revealed that he did this carelessness with many patients, and with the fear of arrest, that doctor commit suicide. She says Bhao Ji and I didn’t tell this to children, as we didn’t want to traumatize the kids. She says that doctor died, but I pray that his soul shall not get peace. Jeevika hugs Lata and asks her not to cry. Lata cries and says I want my Tai.

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Satvik tells Shlok that he had scared Jeevika few days back. Shlok says you are not doing anything to make her get back her memory. Satvik says I remind her daily, that I am her husband. Shlok says you go to office, and asks him to see Swara, who couldn’t concentrate on her studies. Satvik says why you are worried for Swara. Shlok says a human thinks good about other human. Satvik says lie. Shlok says he will send everyone out and he has 4-5 hours to remind Bhabhi, whatever happened between them. Satvik says you are right. Shlok says yes and goes. Satvik says Jeevika knows everything already. He thinks chance is good to romance.

Jeevika comes to Utkarsh’s room and hears him talking to someone, and saying that if he don’t find her then. Jeevika asks him about whom he is talking? Utkarsh says I can’t tell you, as you was attacked before. Jeevika thinks how many secrets are buried in this house. Shlok comes to Swara and asks if she is going? Swara says obviously and says don’t think that I am not angry. Shlok says how can you be bhabhi’s sister. Swara says same as where is Jiju on the top and you on the down. She says you are donkey. Shlok says that’s why I love donkey like you. Swara says she is getting late and goes. Shlok says I am really a donkey.

Juhi thinks why Di is not picking the call after going there. Jeevika comes there, and says I want to ask you something, and asks if you are fine. Juhi asks why you are showing concern for me. Jeevika says you had fallen down yesterday, and asks her if you are hurt. She sees her hand and says your bracelet is good. Juhi asks her to take her bracelet. She asks why did you save me, and says if I was on your place, then wouldn’t have saved you. Jeevika says I have saved you, as you are my responsibility in Vahini’s absence. Juhi goes from there.

Jeevika sees Utkarsh searching the files in Rajnandini’s room. Satvik comes out of his room. Jeevika thinks what to do to stop Satvik? She thinks what to do, and makes the vase falls down to alert Utkarsh. Utkarsh gets alerted and goes out of Rajnandini’s room. Satvik asks Jeevika if she is fine? Jeevika says yes. Satvik says he will take the files from Bhabhi’s room and goes inside.

Precap: Satvik shows the puppet shows to Jeevika and says it is time to fulfill half dozen rajkumar and rajkumari. Jeevika confesses to him that their dream shattered and says she can’t become a mother. Satvik is shocked.