Agnisakshi 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika catches Juhi with the stolen gold coins


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The Episode starts with Satvik telling Jeevika about Savitri chain of schools. Jeevika says I didn’t know that this is your dream. He says a thought strike his mind that they will have kids in future, so they shall go to their own school. Juhi dances with Sundari and says she is happy that Jeevika is insulted. Sundari says Rajnandini got happy knowing about it and said that you are her real sister. Juhi asks when she is coming from Bangalore? She asks why does she go there. Sundari says may be she likes Bisibele bath or Mysore pak of Bangalore. They dance. Sundari says Jeevika’s face was sad. Juhi says she wanted to be perfect bahu. Satvik says until our first child gets ready to go to school, our school will be city’s best school, until our second child gets ready to go to school, it will be country’s best school…and says until our 4 more kids go to school, our school will be popular even in Moon, and asks her not to forget about her half dozen kids dream. Swara goes out and calls Jeevika to come out.

Jeevika tells Narayan that she has found the gold coins. Satvik and others ask where did you find it? Jeevika says I had kept in the secret safe to keep it safe. Lata says we shall not something so safe that we forget it later. Jeevika says I will try not to forget. Shlok and Swara argue with each other. Jeevika tells Lata that she is thinking to give the gold coins and some gifts to the guests, who had come then. Narayan says even he will come. Juhi asks what is the secret safe? Jeevika says then it will not be secret. Sundari says who knows it is real or fake coins. Satvik says you shall not question Jeevika and Jeevika is not answerable to you. Jeevika says I have the answer and shows the gold coins. Juhi asks how can you be sure that it is the same coins. Jeevika asks how you are saying that it is not the same. Juhi panics. Sundari says AC is not working properly and that’s why Juhi is sweating.

Juhi comes to her room and checks the gold coins and put it on the bed. Shlok and Jeevika come there. Shlok takes the photos and asks Juhi to smile. They all come out. Everyone scold Juhi for stealing the coins. Narayan says if you wanted to get it, then would have asked me. Lata says she wanted to steal it. Utkarsh goes from there and comes to Rajnandini’s room and checks the file. Satvik asks if you don’t think wrong to do this with Jeevika, who fought with dead and came back home. Juhi says she don’t feel that she has done wrong. He checks for the files for the proofs. Sundari comes there. Utkarsh runs from there. Sundari thinks why did I feel that I saw Utkarsh coming here and says if I see him, then I will beat him so much, so many days have passed since I beat him. She opens then bathroom door, and says he is not here. Utkarsh is hiding in the bathroom.

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Juhi says it is Jeevika’s mistake and she deserves this. She says I accept that I have done this theft and says I did it because of Jeevika. She says whatever wrong is happening in the house, is all because of Jeevika. She says everyone has individual life and used to have food in their rooms, but since she came, everyone’s lives have ended. She says she ended my late night parties, and she keeps puja at home. She says she has changed everyone’s perfection and instigates everyone against me and my sister. She says Shlok gives more importance to Swara than me, and Aadhya and Satvik shouted at me. She says now I couldn’t go to office because of her and says don’t know what you saw in this slum girl. Narayan shouts enough. Swara tells Aadhya and Shlok that they can’t bear Juhi and her blood boils seeing her. Juhi asks Jeevika if she is happy to get her insulted and says she will settle scores with her. Satvik says it is not our mistake to regard you as Aadhya and says it is clear with your words that you have dirt in your heart. Juhi asks Jeevika, if this cunningness is taught in school or her poor parents taught her at home. Lata gets angry and slaps her.

Jeevika asks Mausi to leave her. Lata says this is Jeevika, who is saving you, about whom you said so much. She says Bhao ji didn’t do any sin, by bringing Jeevika here, but did wrong to raise you here, and has bear all your expenses including your college fees etc. Juhi says if my sister comes to know that she will teach you a lesson. Lata says this house is just of my sister, and says I will see what your elder sister will do, when I throw you out from here.

Precap: Jeevika tells Satvik that she can’t give him even 1 baby, and says I can’t become a mother. She sits and cries. Satvik is shocked.